Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pope and Birds

Pope Francis has been on the news lately regarding birds.  First there was a big commotion with the event of sea gulls attacking peace doves released at the Vatican by Pope Francis.

Some even went as far as calling it an "omen" of sorts.  Other groups called for Pope Francis to stop releasing doves completely ignoring the fact that the doves were not released to be intentionally attacked.  Lastly, the Pope blessed a parrot named "Amore" as he rode in his open-air "pope mobile."  The parrot repeated 'papa' as he was holding onto the Pope's finger.

The media immediately jumped on it making comparisons with Pope Francis and St. Francis who is
often pictured holding birds.  Moreover, the media is now making a second story on this by revealing that the parrot's owner is a male stripper and porn actor.  They seem to be persistent in enforcing the false idea that our Pope is this 'liberal.'

My Thoughts:

The releasing of doves is a cultural symbol of peace or celebration of a milestone.  Most likely it originated from Genesis 8:6-10  which is the account of Noah releasing a dove to see if there
was dry land.  By releasing doves, Pope Francis was making a gesture of peace and celebration.  He was not intentionally putting the doves in harm's way.

Animal rights group who are calling on him to stop the practice obviously
do not understand that in nature animals attack each other.  Some animals are predators and others are preys.  This is just how nature operates.  Human beings are animals as well and often attack each other.

Animals are God's creation as well.  Human beings share Earth with other non-human animals.  They deserve to be blessed as well.  Pope Francis kindly extended his blessing on a parrot belonging to a man who is now revealed to be very active in an immoral industry.  The media is making a big fuss about this, but they forget that the Church is for sinners and saints.  Whether the man was a porn actor, stripper, gay, liar, murderer, glutton etc, he is still a child of God and it should not be scandalous that he is seeking a blessing.  Conversion takes steps.  We should pray for this man that he will leave his immoral lifestyle and like Mary Magdalene, turn to Christ completely.



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