Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Reelected New Jersey governor Chris Christie is in hot water for his staff's involvement in political bullying against a mayor of the state he runs who refused to support Christie's election bid.  He could face a criminal probe.

The George Washington bridge had many lane "shut downs" during the early fall of 2012. These "shut downs" were done in the name of surveying and repairs; however, news personalities such as Rachel Maddow speculated an ulterior motive.  She was correct.

The shutting down of lanes on the George Washington bridge had nothing to do with traffic surveys or repairs.  They were an attempt to indirectly attack mayor Mark Sokolich of the town of Fort Lee.  Sokolich did not support Chris Christie's bid for reelection as New Jersey's governor and apparently some staffers on Christie's entourage decided to punish him and his town.

However, this bullying and revenge effected tens of thousands of commuters who rely on the GWB to travel.  This bridge is probably the most important one of the nation.  Moreover, there were medical emergencies that were delayed because of the closing of lanes, one from which the death of a woman resulted.

Christie claims to not have had knowledge of this and is extremely upset and contrite over the whole matter.  This "Bridge-gate" will most likely have a ripple effect in his 2016 presidential bid. He already has lost supporters for his cowardice against a ruling that legalized so-called "same sex marriage."  This scandal will surely add to the list.

Most likely he will fire these staffers and they will most likely retaliate by revealing to the news world whether or not Christie was directly involved or had knowledge of this behavior.  Time will tell...










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