Monday, April 15, 2013

Introduction to "Fat Head."

"Fat head" is known throughout the world.  Many movies and songs depict and mention him.  This being is described in many ways and some believe him to be the ruler of this world.  He goes by many names, but I will call him "Fat Head."  In case you're wondering who I am referring to; well, Satan.  From Lucifer, Mephistopheles to plain old "The Devil;" this being is a key figure in many world religions.

I use the term "Fat head" from a discussion I had with a parishioner years ago.  We referred to Satan as such because of his ego.  Satan is indeed a "fat head."  Who else would be so arrogant as to equate himself to God the Creator?  Only someone with an inflated ego would even dare think of such a thing.

"Fat head" is often forgotten in today's homilies and even in catechism classes.  Some in the Church believe that teaching about him is borderline superstitious.  Atheists mock Christians by calling "Fat head" our "bogey man" of sorts.  This being supposedly lurks throughout the world tempting people.  He even had the audacity to try to tempt Jesus Christ, the Son of God who is also the second person of the Blessed Trinity.  Other religions describe him as the cause of evil in the world.  He tries to bring humanity down using all means available to him.

  • But who is "Fat Head?"  
  • Where did he come from? 
  • Why does he exist?  
  • Why did God allow this being to be knowing what trouble this being would cause?  Is this being even real or an invention of the Church or primitive cultures?  

These are some questions I will address in this series of blog posts. I think it is important to remind our people about this entity who is extremely dangerous; not because he has power, but because he knows how to manipulate and deceive.


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