Sunday, April 7, 2013

Child Abuser Rosa Rubicondior

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Unfortunately, a deranged twitter user is abusing a child and must be stopped.  

After atheist Rosa Rubicondior's embarrassing failure in debating me.  Rosa has stooped to a low which demonstrates this individual's mental instability.

Rosa out of spite began to search the internet for my twitter and came across a profile of a young secondary school age kid named "Manuel."  The kid happened to use the "chi rho" image as his avatar for whatever reason.  I happened to use a similar image showing my faith in Christ and Rosa reasoned that this child was me.

Crazy right?

Rosa then proceeded to Google for "Manuel" and came across an article regarding an individual with the same name entering the Franciscans.  Once again, Rosa reasoned that this person was me as well.  Rosa then linked both sources and began to claim that these individuals were me.

Neither of these are me!  I have never attended a seminary in New York State nor have belonged to a religious order.  You can contact the schools and seminaries Rosa mentions and verify this for yourself.   

I'm a grown adult and have had my share of insults directed at me; however, Rosa's abuse of this child has gone too far.

It is not right to pick a random kid off the internet, disparage, abuse him and post his information for all to see just because someone else got you mad.

It is also illegal.  In today's cyber world where people use the internet to stalk others, it is illegal to post private information without consent; not only of an adult, but especially of minors.

In the United States, there have been many cases where others have posted the information of another out of spite.  Take the case of this lady whose information was posted on craigslist. (

There are also other cases similar to this one, even of an adult neighbor posting a girl's information on facebook.  This lady was arrested and charged.

A simple Google search will bring up hundreds of cases where individuals were arrested and charged.

By posting Manuel's information online, Rosa Rubicondior is committing a crime and offense against a minor.

I invite you reading this to report Rosa Rubicondior to the authorities as a child abuser. 
Please contact me and I will inform you as to how to go about making a report or see the image above.

Your report can be anonymous.   

It is not fair that this child and his family have to go through these attacks from this child abuser. 


  1. Wow. Just wow. Truly mental.

    1. For exposing this child abuser? I'm sure you're one to attack the Church for its sex abuse problems, but let Rubicondior abuse a child online and even endorse it.

  2. So, if you're not Manuel, who are you? Why hide behind "sacerdotus"?

    1. Michael. "Sacerdotus" is both a pen name and a title.


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