Saturday, August 12, 2017

Charlottesville Unite the Right White Supremacy March

In a scene that looked like it was straight out of the Civil Rights era, a large group of Caucasian males marched in Charlottesville, Virginia holding tiki torches. They walked to the University of Virginia and were met with opposition. All hell eventually broke out with both sides throwing fists, saliva and anything else they can get their hands on.

The march was billed as a "Unite the Right march" and was begun with the intention to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee who led the Confederate army during the Civil War.

 Social media has been exploding with many commentaries. The media has been airing the story all day and has had passionate commentators from both sides speaking on the situation. Some blame Trump and his speeches for empowering the so-called "Alt-Right" who are labeled as White Supremacists. Others say that this is nothing new and has happened for decades.

 As the day went on and Virginia's authorities tried to keep law and order, a 20 year old Caucasian man plowed his car onto a crowd near the downtown mall injuring dozens and killing a 32 year old female marcher. James Alex Fields, Jr. of Maumee, Ohio was later arrested and is facing charges. To add to the horror of the day, a helicopter carrying two State Police officers monitoring the protests crashed killing two officers.

I will continue to update this post as I learn more. Hopefully, everyone will calm down and will resort to discussing how to remedy the existence of White Supremacy groups in America.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Study: Atheists Are Serial Killers

Those of us who deal with alleged online atheists or those who call themselves the "new atheists" have probably noticed that these people can be insane. They love to harass, troll, slander and even dox (post private information of others). Because of this, atheists have gotten a very bad reputation. No one takes them seriously.  Many others see them as immoral and psychopathic. A new study seems to show that the sentiments against atheists are indeed universal.

The study, "Global evidence of extreme intuitive moral prejudice against atheists," published in the journal Nature Human Behavior found that many find religion to still be a staple in morality while finding atheists to be immoral and even serial killers. Three thousand people from 13 different countries participated in the study.  The study was conducted via a survey by associate professor Will M. Gervais


Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie Gard Goes Home to God

The day most of us dreaded has finally come. The baby boy at the center of a parents vs socialized medicine battle has been called home to the Lord. Terminally ill British baby Charlie Gard lost his battle today from his mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. According to a family spokeswoman, the child passed away after machines extending his vital signs were removed.

 Let us pray for his parents and loved ones who must be devastated. Losing a child is not easy. It is not something we overcome overnight or even in a lifetime. The sense of loss remains.

Many of us have many questions. Why would God allow this baby to suffer? Why did He not cure the child? These questions are normal and should be pondered. We may never find an answer to them. All we know is that God works in mysterious ways and that all men, women and children are destined to die one day. How we will die is not specified, only that we will die. Only God can reveal to us the reason behind these horrific deaths. All we can do is trust God and ask Him to comfort Charlie's parents.

 Eternal rest grant to Charlie Gard Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May Charlie Gard through the mercy of God rest in peace.

 Charlie is in heaven. He was baptized and was too young to engage in actual sin. His life will not be forgotten. He will be the cause for change in the United Kingdom and other nations who dictate when a human life deserves to live or not. Rest in peace lil guy.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Atheism Declining in Russia

Atheism is on the decline worldwide. This is nothing new.  However, it has fallen dramatically in Russia.  According to a recent poll by the Levada research center, atheism has declined by 50% in the once Communist nation which was ruled by atheism.  Theists total about 86% of Russia's population. 44% of those polled represented themselves as "quite religious," while 33% stated they were "not too religious."  Only 9% were described as "very religious."  Russian Orthodoxy has the dominant control of religious beliefs in the nation with Catholicism coming in second.  However, 92% view the Catholic Church favorably despite being Russian Orthodox.

This is good news indeed. Atheism is not as strong as some atheists would want us to believe. The ideology seems strong due to its activity on the internet.  However, in the real world, atheism has no such power nor influence. We have seen this with the constant failures of the so-called "Reason Rally" in the United States.  Elsewhere, atheism lurks in the shadows of the left.

Atheism is answerable.  I have dedicated much of my ministry combating its errors and have written my first volume of "Atheism Is Stupid" which is geared towards refuting atheism at its core using science, philosophy and other fields of academia.  You can purchase it at several book stores, see:   Atheists feel like they have refuted God and religion.  In reality, they have only unmasked their ignorance and misconceptions.  Russia was once the powerful Soviet Union ruled by atheism, now, it is slowly becoming more democratic and atheism is dying in this nation.  We must continue to refute atheism and push back against its errors.  It looks like Our Lady of Fatima is stopping Russia from spreading her errors indeed!


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Trump Bans Transgender from Military

After former President Obama ushered in more acceptance of the LGBTQ community, the current president, Donald Trump has turned things around. In a series of tweets on Twitter, President Trump stated that Transgendered individuals will no longer be allowed in the military. He cites costs as the main reason.

As expected, there is an outcry over this decision to ban Trangender people. Many are pinpointing that the Pentagon spends more on Viagra than on Transgender people and are using the word discrimination to describe the president's decision.

The decision comes as a surprise after Trump had tweeted in the past that he supports the LGBT people and would support transgender individuals.


Study on Football Brain Trauma

Baseball is known as America's pastime. However, there is another game that has out shined baseball. This game is football. Every year, Americans look forward to the Superbowl where opposing league teams battle on the field for the Lombardi trophy.

The game is extremely popular with kids and even on college campuses.  However, a danger lurks in the game which has been ignored for decades. This danger involves the unseen injuries players receive due to the blunt force physical contact that is part of the game. The constant collisions have led to many players experiencing concussions. However, the damage is far worse.

A study done on over 200 brains from dead football players with 111 originating from professional NFL players has demonstrated extreme cerebral damage.  Close to 90% of the brains showed chronic traumatic encephalopathy or CTE.  This condition is caused by the constant bombardment the heads on the field. CTE causes cognitive problems such as, problems with memory and learning as well as emotional illness. The study was conducted by Boston University's CTE Center.

While the study is not perfect - researchers claim limitations - it can be helpful in the advancement of better ways to protect players of the game.  Images of brains from players with CTE show significant decrease in brain matter. This would explain the symptoms experienced by the players when they were alive.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Michael Voris' 'Church Militant' Site Hacked

Shortly after a video claiming that the gays are taking over the Church was posted (, the site Church Militant was hacked and taken offline.

Church Militant is a site run by Michael Voris. Voris has been a controversial figure in the Church. His videos and content have an ultra conservative and pre-Vatican II nostalgic slant and are always critical of bishops and Pope Francis. Voris has been banned from speaking in many dioceses and the World Youth Day due to his controversial messages, heretical statements and promotion of Catholic Triumphalism. He has been compared by some as the Catholic Alex Jones of InfoWars.  Voris' take on Catholicism is often out of touch, judgmental and pharisaic.  In one video, Voris endorses the idea of a Catholic monarchy ruling the United States of America.

In a broadcast on Periscope and Facebook, Voris did not offer much details as to who hacked his site, but claimed that the payment system and user passwords were not compromised; clearly, concerned about scaring away those who donate to him.  Some of his followers, who are often engaged in conspiracy theories, believe that Voris was hacked for investigating the "Gay Mafia."  Voris himself does not know why his site was attacked and stated that his technicians will be investigating the source while at the same time installing safeguards so that such an attack does not happen again.   

I will update this post as I learn more.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Dubia Cardinal Joachim Meisner Dead at 83

Cardinal Joachim Meisner, former Archbishop of Cologne and "Dubia" cardinal has passed away at the age of 83.  He died in his sleep while on vacation at Bad Füssing.  The cardinal was born on December 25th in Breslau which was formerly Germany but is now Wroclaw, Poland.  He had a very close relationship with St. Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and was considered the leader of the conservative German prelates.  May he rest in peace.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia Shot & Killed

It has happened again. An NYPD officer was ambushed while sitting in a mobile command center truck on Creston Avenue and 183rd Street. I know the area well. A cousin of mine used to live nearby and a friend from St. Nicholas of Tolentine parish also lives on the block. The area is known for heavy crime, shootings and drug activity. This was why the command center truck was parked there monitoring things. Police Officer Miosotis Familia, 48 and of Dominican descent was sitting with her partner doing her job on the Fourth of July during late night hours. At around 12:30 a.m., she was ambushed and shot in the head via the window of the truck's door. The attack was not preventable.

It just came out of nowhere and unprovoked. The attacker was Alexander Bonds, 34 and on parole. Witnesses say that he walked out of a bodega and shot the officer for no apparent reason. A motive is still being investigated and most likely has to do with hatred for law enforcement. Her police partner can be heard on radio records panicking as she shouted for help. The ordeal must have been overwhelming. Almost immediately, nearby officers tracked Bonds. He pulled out the weapon he used to assasinate Familia, but the officers shot and killed him. One innocent bystander was struck by a bullet. It is not sure if the bullets was from Bonds' weapon or the NYPD responding officers. The bystander was shot in the stomach and was taken to the hospital. A silver revolver was found at the scene after Bonds was shot dead.  According to Infowars, Bonds was a Clinton supporter and hated cops.

Officer Familia was rushed to St. Barnabad Hospital, a hospital I also know well. I used to visit patients there and helped the late Monsignor McGarry who was the chaplain. My mother also worked there. It is the main trauma center in the Bronx. However, the talents of the medical staff was not enough to help Officer Familia. She succumbed to her head shot would and was later transported to Bellevue Hospital which is the place I was born. The news is heartbreaking. Familia leaves behind three children. Two twins and and older daughter. The NYPD is once again in morning. It seems that this is starting to become a pattern. In the past few years, officers have been gunned down in NYC. See these old posts:

The Black Lives matter propaganda seems to be the main culprit from inspiring hate against police officers nationwide. I have friends from high school who are officers and worry about them constantly. Moreover, my nephew participated in the NYPD explorers program and got to know officers personally. News of officers being shot and killed is heartbreaking. I cannot imagine how Familia's children and family must feel right now. Imagine celebrating the Fourth of July with your mother and then hours later learning that she is dead. It is just sad. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and the NYPd family. This will be a hard time for everyone. The judicial system must do better and not let criminals out so fast. They tend to repeat their crimes.

I am not sure if a Gofundme page has been set up to help Familia's family. If I find out anything, I will update this page.  In the mean time, I recommend contacting the PBA to inquire about donations:

Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association
125 Broad Street, 11th Fl.
New York, NY 10004-2400
Phone:  (212) 298-9100

Benefits Office:
Phone: (212) 349-7560

Here is reaction on Twitter to the shooting:



Sunday, July 2, 2017

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time: God is More Important

This week's readings have had a common theme regarding discipleship. We are all disciples of the Lord.  During Ordinary Time, we are taught directly from Christ in the readings.  There is nothing ordinary about Ordinary Time. While the other seasons of the Liturgy are focused on the events of salvific history, Ordinary Time focuses on Jesus' teachings. Today's readings remind us of the importance God has in our lives and how we must welcome those who preach the Lord to us and make them feel at home.

The first reading tells us of Elisha, the prophet. A woman of influence was having trouble conceiving. This woman would dine with Elisha for quite some time. One day, she invited Elisha to stay over.  The woman prepared a room for Elisha and furnished it.  She wanted Elisha to feel at home.  Elisha appreciated the gesture and asked his servant Gehazi if there was something he could do for the woman.  His servant told Elisha that the woman and her husband had no son.  Elisha asked for the woman and told her that in the next year, she would have a baby son. Here we see how God rewards those who help others.  God will repay whatever we spend on others. I know this from personal experience. I am sure that you reading this have had your share of moments when you literally saw how God rewarded you for a good act.  This is why it is important to help others whether they are a friend, part of the family or stranger.  I understand that we live in a world with lots of crazy people who do harm.

However, we must be helpful always without forgetting to be smart about it. God does not want us to put ourselves in harms way in order to help others. We must let God present the moment. My uncle who is a permanent deacon learned this the hard way. While setting up equipment at his former parish. He was approached by a local woman who was known by the neighborhood as a homeless person.  She would often stand at the now defunct supermarket Met Foods in Little Italy in the Bronx and open the door for people hoping to get a quarter. Well, this time, she came to the parish asking for help. My uncle got her some food for her.  Instead of being grateful, she slammed the food on the sidewalk and began cursing at my uncle. These are things that happen. This is why I say that we must be careful when helping others. We must analyze the situation first.  God will present the opportunity for grace to us. We should not go look for it. As the saying goes, "don't try to be a hero."  God will set everything up and will reward us based on how we responded. This is why I constantly ask fellow Catholics and others to help me run this ministry. I trust and hope that those who visit my site or read my content will be generous and will donate.  God truly rewards when we give.  This is why today's responsorial Psalm says that we will sing the goodness of the Lord.

God's goodness will be visible in our lives if we trust Him and do good things.  Being a Catholic is not just going to Mass, praying, receiving the Sacraments and what not.  We must do good works (Matthew 25:35-40).  This does not mean that we must go out there like St. Francis or St. Teresa of Calcutta. What this means is that we must look for when God presents an opportunity for us to help another person in any way that is of course moral. There will be those who will criticize us. On social media, I see how some people who call themselves Christian cry foul when others help refugees or those who seek help.  Our job is not the judge the character of others or if they are deceiving us.  What God expects is for us to help in His name.  As the second reading tells us, we were baptized into Christ. We died and were buried with Him.  We are now part of Christ's Body, the Catholic Church.  We must be dead to sin; dead to the world and alive in Christ.  The world will hate us for this.  Let it.  Spoiler Alert: Christ wins in the end. Those of us who remained faithful will win as well (2 Timothy 4:7-8).

Lastly, in the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that we must love Him above everyone else, including parents. I know this is hard. Our parents brought us into the world, raised us and introduced us to what it means to be a human being in society. To love anyone more then they is absurd.   Our parents are so important that we even have two days in the year to honor them (Mother's/Father's day). However, Christ is above them. Christ is God; the second person of the Blessed Trinity.  While our parents are important, they would not exist had it not been for God.  We would not exist had it been for God.  God is the source of all that exists.  He is the creator. No one can be above the creator.  No one can be more important.  We who chose Christ must take up our crosses and love God above all things.  Last month, many celebrated the so-called "Pride" month which honors the LGBTQ agenda.  It shocks me the amount of Catholics who disregard the Church's teachings on homosexuality because they have a relative or friend who is LGBTQ. These Catholics even support so-called same-sex marriage.  We cannot love this world and God at the same time.  Jesus tells us today that we cannot love anyone more than He.  We cannot call ourselves Catholics and avoid carrying the cross.

The pop singer Ariana Grande made headlines a few years ago for abandoning the Catholic faith (see:  She claims that since her brother is gay and the Church teaches that the gay lifestyle is wrong, that she cannot be Catholic anymore.  The idea goes against the Gospel today. She loves her brother more than Christ.  We can pretty much assume that she is destined for hell if she does not repent. Those of us who claim to be catholic but love others more that God are disobeying Christ.  If our friends or relatives are gay or are participating in something that is counter-God, we must rebuke them and invite them to center themselves back to reality with Christ.  Moreover, Jesus says that those who find their lives will lose it.  This means that those who believe they have succeeded in life and did it without acknowledging God, will lose that life.  All things come from God, including wealth. Those who lose their lives for God's sake will find it.  This means that those of us who deny this world and what it offers will earn the true life in heaven with Christ.

As stated before, we must welcome disciples of the Lord. This means one another.  If we receive them, we receive Christ.  We must be welcoming of our clergy, religious and fellow lay people.  We will be rewarded for this.  I try hard to be a disciple of the Lord by evangelizing here and offline. I hope my fellow Catholics will welcome me and help me in regards to running this evangelization effort.  In light of this, I ask you to please be generous and help me.  If I come into your computer, devices and home via my content as a postmodern prophet of the Lord, please do not forget the cold cup of water, so to speak, and help me run this ministry by donating or becoming a regular patron. God will reward you for this. You are helping spread His Word.

Please donate at:

You can also elect to advertise your own site or business for cheaper than other advertising agencies. See:

Let us continue to help one another as Christ expects us to do and let us remember to put God above everyone else (John 13:35, Mark 12:30-31). No one is more important that God.  May Jesus Christ be praised!



Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cardinal Pell Charged

Australian Cardinal George Pell who is also the Vatican's treasurer and one of the pope's right hand men has been charged in Australia. Not much detail was given by Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton other that Pell is being charged with multiple counts of "historical sexual assault offenses."  Pell has been on the radar of many since the sex abuse scandals came to full light in 2002.

Many have accused him of doing little to prevent sexual abuse by clergy; and in some instances, even aided in the shielding of predator priests.  He has been a public apologist taking on atheists such as Dawkins and others in debate.  There is no word yet from Pope Francis or the Vatican as to whether or not Cardinal Pell will be asked to resign  He is scheduled to go to  the Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 18.

I will continue to follow up on this breaking news.

UPDATE:  June 29, 2017

Cardinal Pell spoke to the media via a statement stating that he is innocent, abhors sexual abuse and will be facing his accusers in court.  The archdiocese of Sydney will be accommodating the cardinal but will not pay his legal fees.


UPDATE July 26, 2017

Cardinal Pell will plead not guilty.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump meets Pope Francis

The day finally came.  New American president, Donald John Trump had the honor of meeting the Holy Father, Pope Francis; Vicar of Christ and Successor of St. Peter.  At first, it seemed as if there was tension when both leaders met. Pope Francis is an avid advocate for immigrants, refugees and the poor.  Trump has been known to speak strongly against illegal immigrants, refugees and recently presented a budget that would cut billions to medicaid, welfare and other services that the poor rely on.

After the papal visit to Mexico, Pope Francis was asked about Trump. He said that those who insist on building walls instead of bridges are not Christian. Trump replied that it was unfair for a religious leader to place judgment on others. It is interesting to note that Pope Francis was probably not referring to Trump while on the plane since the question did not directly reference Trump.  In any event, the media and others online went into a frenzy when a photo of Pope Francis and Trump surfaced showing the pope with a "funeral face," as he often refers to it.  The pope is seen next to the US present with a sullen expression.  Immediately, tweets began to fly on Twitter comparing photos between the pope and other world leaders today's photos with Trump.  Photos with a smiling pope were chosen for the comparison for obvious reasons.

Other ignorant "right wing" advocates took to twitter to attack the pope by calling him a Marxist and erroneously claiming that the Vatican has walls in an attempt to make the pope look like a hypocrite for speaking against them  The pope and president exchanged gifts.  Trump vowed to do more to promote peace after meeting the Holy Father.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Fatima 100 Year Anniversary: Jacinta & Francisco Canonized!

The day has finally come.  One hundred years ago in 1917, a course of events changed the world. Our Lady, the Mother of Christ appeared to three shepherd children. She would appear to them on the 13th of each month from May to October.  In October, the supernatural event of the "dancing Sun" took place which was witnessed by hundreds of thousands, including atheists, scientists and reporters from major news companies such as the New York Time.

Avelino de Almeida of the O Século newspaper was a witness to the event. The O Seculo paper was known as anti-religious. Almeida wrote that the sun defied all known cosmic laws.  You can read more about the apparitions in my post:

Pope Francis visited Fatima, Portugal for the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the apparitions by Our Lady.  He led prayers, invoked Our Lady's intercession and protection.  Today, he canonized two of the young children, Jacinta Marto and Francisco Marto; cousins of Sister Lucia, the oldest of the three.  This was his homily:

"'[There] appeared in heaven a woman clothed with the sun'.  So the seer of Patmos tells us in the Book of Revelation (12:1), adding that she was about to give birth to a son.  Then, in the Gospel, we hear Jesus say to his disciple, “Here is your mother” (Jn 19:27).  We have a Mother!  “So beautiful a Lady”, as the seers of Fatima said to one another as they returned home on that blessed day of 13 May a hundred years ago.  That evening, Jacinta could not restrain herself and told the secret to her mother: “Today I saw Our Lady”.  They had seen the Mother of Heaven.  Many others sought to share that vision, but… they did not see her.  The Virgin Mother did not come here so that we could see her.  We will have all eternity for that, provided, of course, that we go to heaven.
Our Lady foretold, and warned us about, a way of life that is godless and indeed profanes God in his creatures.  Such a life – frequently proposed and imposed – risks leading to hell.  Mary came to remind us that God’s light dwells within us and protects us, for, as we heard in the first reading, “the child [of the woman] was snatched away and taken to God” (Rev 12:5).  In Lucia’s account, the three chosen children found themselves surrounded by God’s light as it radiated from Our Lady.  She enveloped them in the mantle of Light that God had given her.  According to the belief and experience of many pilgrims, if not of all, Fatima is more than anything this mantle of Light that protects us, here as in almost no other place on earth.  We need but take refuge under the protection of the Virgin Mary and to ask her, as the Salve Regina teaches: “show unto us… Jesus”.
Dear pilgrims, we have a Mother, we have a Mother! Clinging to her like children, we live in the hope that rests on Jesus.  As we heard in the second reading, “those who receive the abundance of the grace and the free gift of righteousness exercise dominion in life through the one man, Jesus Christ” (Rom 5:17).  When Jesus ascended to heaven, he brought to the Heavenly Father our humanity, which he assumed in the womb of the Virgin Mary and will never forsake.  Like an anchor, let us fix our hope on that humanity, seated in heaven at the right hand of the Father (cf. Eph 2:6).  May this hope guide our lives!  It is a hope that sustains us always, to our dying breath.
Confirmed in this hope, we have gathered here to give thanks for the countless graces bestowed over these past hundred years.  All of them passed beneath the mantle of light that Our Lady has spread over the four corners of the earth, beginning with this land of Portugal, so rich in hope.  We can take as our examples Saint Francisco and Saint Jacinta, whom the Virgin Mary introduced into the immense ocean of God’s light and taught to adore him.  That was the source of their strength in overcoming opposition and suffering.  God’s presence became constant in their lives, as is evident from their insistent prayers for sinners and their desire to remain ever near “the hidden Jesus” in the tabernacle.
In her Memoirs (III, 6), Sister Lucia quotes Jacinta who had just been granted a vision: “Do you not see all those streets, all those paths and fields full of people crying out for food, yet have nothing to eat?  And the Holy Father in a church, praying before the Immaculate Heart of Mary?  And all those people praying with him?”  Thank you, brothers and sisters, for being here with me!  I could not fail to come here to venerate the Virgin Mary and to entrust to her all her sons and daughters. Under her mantle they are not lost; from her embrace will come the hope and the peace that they require, and that I implore for all my brothers and sisters in baptism and in our human family, especially the sick and the disabled, prisoners and the unemployed, the poor and the abandoned.  Dear brothers and sisters, let us pray to God with the hope that others will hear us; and let us speak to others with the certainty that God will help us.
Indeed, God created us to be a source of hope for others, a true and attainable hope, in accordance with each person’s state of life.  In “asking” and “demanding” of each of us the fulfillment of the duties of our proper state (Letters of Sister Lucia, 28 February 1943), God effects a general mobilization against the indifference that chills the heart and worsens our myopia.  We do not want to be a stillborn hope!  Life can survive only because of the generosity of other lives.  “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit” (Jn 12:24).  The Lord, who always goes before us, said this and did this.  Whenever we experience the cross, he has already experienced it before us.  We do not mount the cross to find Jesus.  Instead it was he who, in his self-abasement, descended even to the cross, in order to find us, to dispel the darkness of evil within us, and to bring us back to the light.
With Mary’s protection, may we be for our world sentinels of the dawn, contemplating the true face of Jesus the Saviour, resplendent at Easter.  Thus may we rediscover the young and beautiful face of the Church, which shines forth when she is missionary, welcoming, free, faithful, poor in means and rich in love."

The Catholic Church celebrates this canonization. Approval for the canonization came when it was confirmed that a Brazilian boy was cured from a severe brain injury.  Lucas had a nasty fall which caused severe trauma to his brain.  Doctors told his parents that he would not survive.  If he did survive, according to doctors, he would be severely mentally handicapped or would be in a vegetative state. However, after Carmelite nuns prayed to the shepherd children Jacinta and Francisco, the boy recovered. He woke up from his coma as if nothing happened.  To date, he is doing well and shows no signs of physical or cognitive ailments.

Both St. Francisco and St. Jacinta have so much to offer to all of us, especially children and young people in the Church. It is possible to be a saint, even in today's trying times. The apparitions of Fatima remind us that God always prevails and that He is merciful and pours grace upon the world. We must seek Him always; and with the help of Our Lady, we will be successful! As an atheist, the apparitions of Our lady of Fatima was my first real exposure to Marian devotion. Grateful to Mary always for my faith.  I remember learning about them via my friend and beloved pastor, Bishop Francisco and EWTN.  From there, I did my own investigations, read books on the topic both pro and against the apparitions.  I found them to be credible based on my research.  Our Lady tugged my heart closer to her Son and His Catholic Church.  I am always grateful for her.   I am sure you reading this have your story to share and I would love to read them.  Feel free to post below in the comments section.

Many people are often caught up on the secrets of Fatima and chastisements.  While these are important to know as admonitions, we must focus on the real message. God loves us and our sins hurt Him and Our Lady.  We must amend our lives and do better.  We must change this world.  Our Lady spoke out against the errors of Russia, namely Communism which is rooted in atheism.  As a former atheist, I dedicate a lot of time countering the atheist errors that are recycled today in social media.  I even wrote two books criticizing atheism.  One is for teens/adults and the other for children.  You are welcomed to purchase them and learn how to refute atheism and prevent it from growing in your children.

Adult version

Children's version

Atheism is a poison of the mind, heart and soul.  It denies all truth and gets a person caught up in an endless cycle of skepticism that leads to absurd claims.  Pope Francis warned the people at Fatima that living a godless life is dangerous. It can lead one to hell.  As a former atheist, I argue that atheism on earth is like living in hell.  To live life denying everything and never opening the mind to belief via reason is hell.  Skepticism is okay; however, it becomes a poison when it leads to endless denial and a contrarian position that never gives up creating excuses not to believe.  

For example, if someone tells me that they saw a cat jump and I reply that I did not see it so it did not happen, then I can be partially correct in that statement.  Perhaps it did not happen and the person is lying to me. However, if the person shows a photo to me of the cat jumping and I say that maybe the photo is edited or "photo-shopped," then my statement may be correct but improbable.  I would need to experiment on the photo to see if there are signatures on it that show editing.  Lastly, if the person shows me video of the cat jumping and I say the video is edited, the statement becomes even more improbable.  If I continue to deny the event of the cat jumping, then my skepticism becomes absurd and irrational.  

This is the danger atheism poses in the person who subscribes to it.  Once a person lives just to deny supernatural or religious concepts without equal to or greater than evidence that supports his or her denial, then this denial becomes irrational and borderline mental illness.  As a graduate of the sciences, I am obliged to rely on facts and evidence in order to accept things.  Nothing in the Fatima story, to me, presents an obstacle to belief or credibility.  For an atheist to continue to deny things, while claiming to love science, hurts science.  He or she mocks the scientific process.  Science seeks answers, not endless denial.

Congratulations to Portugal, Jacinta and Francisco on this great day!  May they and Our Lady of Fatima pray for us still struggling on earth.   



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