Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Taylor R. Marshall Claims Wikipedia Libel

Conspiracist and author Taylor R. Marshall has been in the news on the Catholic blogsophere lately. From alleged racially sensitive criticisms, alleged suspension from Twitter, to the celebration of the Amazon wooden figures being thrown into the Tiber.  Well now, he seems to be caught in a real conspiracy scenario. According to him, the Wikipedia article describing his biography was edited and replaced with this:

"Taylor Marshall Ph.D. is a self-appointed Catholic theologian without a Catholic Theology degree and apologist for Catholic radical traditionalists, who is known for his praising Amazon Synod theft and defence of radical traditional Catholic heretical teachings." (

Clearly, the person who edited the Wikipedia is out to get Dr. Marshall. The content posted is not false, but it is clearly an attack on Marshall and possibly an attempt to intimidate him. However, this is not the major issue. The major issue is that the editor of the Wikipedia is allegedly from within the Vatican. Wikipedia posts the IP addresses of those who contribute to articles and edit them. The IP address of whoever did this edit to the Wikipedia page on Marshall is This IP can be traced to the Vatican.

Here are some Tweets on this new development:

While I cannot truly verify nor confirm whether or not this is true, I can tell from experience that it may be true that people in the Vatican stalk other Catholic bloggers. Years ago when disgraced priest Father Rosica threatened to sue Catholic blogger Vox Cantoris, I wrote a piece on the story (see: Shortly afterwards, I noticed that Fr. Rosica blocked me on Twitter without provoking on my part.  We never interacted, so how did he know where to find me to block me?   I then noticed that a Vatican IP visited my site and looked at the blog post on Rosica, see this old tweet:

So as you can see, the situation Dr. Marshall is in may in fact be a real one. Now, as usual, I am always skeptical of things and need evidence that can be vetted. VPN can be used to post false IP addresses. This whole thing can be a publicity stunt by Taylor. Anything is possible. However, from personal experience, I think this scenario with Marshall is probable. The IP address is very similar to the one that visited my site years ago.  As many of us can imagine, Marshall is not a favorite with the powers that be at the Vatican. His constant attacks against the Vicar of Christ, misinterpretations and cherry picking of Catholic doctrine and rigid understanding of the Liturgy is certainly not a welcomed ideology or tactic of evangelization in the Catholic Church.  It is fundamentalist in nature. So clearly, Marshall does not have any friends at Rome, so to speak. The editing of the Wikipedia is obviously intentional.

If so, then this is troubling. At least with me, someone just viewed my point. However, with Marshall, someone actually wrote something, that while true, can be interpreted as detraction. In any event, Dr. Marshall Taylor should be concerned and on alert. He should employ technologies that will shield his own personal computers and devices from any possible hacking attempts. As he showed, it is odd that the Vatican internet system went down. This could be a coincidence, but we can not rule out any attempt to clean up bread crumbs, so to speak. If Dr. Marshall is being targeted by someone at the Vatican with access to computer experts, anything can possibly happen including any hacks of Marshall's devices which may have content that can compromise his reputation and his family and friends. Pray for him and everyone involved. 

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