Thursday, November 30, 2017

Atheist Activist & Host of 'Recovering from Religion' Podcast Kills Wife & Himself

Atheists love to claim that Christians commit the most crimes or that the overall population in prison is Christian. However, they forget to mention the many crimes perpetrated by their own. Scott Smith, an atheist activist, and veteran of the military killed his wife and himself in a murder-suicide.  His wife Jennifer Smith was about to file for a divorce. Smith hosted a podcast entitled "Recovering from Religion" and was part of the Military Association of Atheists & Freethinkers.

On Monday, 911 in San Antonio, Texas received a call from Scott Smith saying that he was going to kill his wife and himself.  Police rushed to their home and shot tear gas into it.  Once they made their way in, they found Smith's wife Jennifer dead in a room on the second floor.  Scott Smith posted on Facebook "Goodbye" which is believed to be a cryptic messages announcing his suicide. As the tragedy occurred, their young daughters Laura, Lily, and Amber were in school unaware that their parents were dead. Scott's older son Aaron of 27 years of age found out via social media what was going on.

The story is tragic but demonstrates the problems that atheism causes in people. Studies show that atheists have one of the highest rates of mental illness and suicide. Atheism empties the atheist of all hope. It causes an existential crisis which can lead to depression and suicide. When life is reduced to nothing more than materialistic constructs, then there is no purpose to it. Life becomes a random algorithm in the universe that is accidental and has no purpose. Ironically, William Scott Smith hosted a podcast about recovering from religion. Notice how his troubles occurred after he abandoned God and religion. The "Friendly Atheist" and others blame post-traumatic stress disorder for this tragedy, however, we must ask why Scott did not face PTSD when he was a theist?  Why did he engage in this murder-suicide after he became an atheist? It is clear that atheism had a role to play. It robbed him of a moral compass which blinded him to the fact that life is sacred and that no one warrants death even when that someone may have caused hurt. Christians know to forgive, cut their losses and move on. An atheist devoid of morality does not think rationally and resorts to violence. We see this online where those claiming to be atheists resort to abusive behavior without provocation. Atheism is a poison of the mind which infects the heart.

My prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. Scott now knows there is a God.  May God have mercy on his soul.  Atheism kills. 


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