Wednesday, November 29, 2017

'Gaytivity' Scenes Mocking Jesus & Holy Family

Recently on Twitter, some LGBTQ proponents have been posting offensive photos depicting religious hate against Christians.  These photos contain what has been coined as a "Gaytivity scene" or a display of a same-sex Holy Family with a transgender or queer baby Jesus. It mocks the traditional Christmas Nativity scene which is believed to have been first created by St. Francis of Assisi.

The photos have brought about disgust and anger from Catholic bishop of Providence Rhode Island, Thomas Tobin and other clergy. He wrote on his Facebook page:

A Gay Nativity?
Just came across this photo of a “gay nativity” scene — two Josephs dressed in pink watching over the Christ Child. How sad that someone believes it’s okay (or funny or cool) to impose their own agenda on the holy Birth of Jesus. Pray for those who did so, for their change of heart, and that Jesus will forgive this sacrilege, this attack on the Christian Faith.

Here are the original tweets with the offensive photos:

Many are upset over the images.  Others have voiced support for them in the name of "inclusion." To date, I have not seen Fr. James Martin SJ comment on this display. It would be interesting to see his take on it.  As many of you know, Fr. Martin has been under fire for what has been described as a form of misguided compassion for members of the LGBTQ community which has watered down the Church's teachings on homosexuality.

The scene is indeed offensive and makes me wonder the mental state of those creating these displays. They are clearly demonic in nature. Only Satan resorts to mockery because he has no rational arguments against God.  I am hoping that this disgusting display does not become a trend. There will be those who will create them on purpose just to bait Christians.  I advise Twitter users to report these accounts who posted the images and anyone else who posts them so they can get suspended. They are clearly examples of religious hate and intolerance.  Twitter has suspended profiles for petty reasons, they have to suspend these accounts for their hate against Christians.

Pray for these souls who are deceived by the devil.



  1. It's a real shame. BTW, I have a challenge for you.

  2. It is really sad that people are actually doing this and others are celebrating what they do.
    Oh, I have a challenge for you. A guy claims to have "10 overwhelming proofs that destroy the lie of God". Do you think you can take this?

    1. Sounds like another nonsensical rant by a troll pretending to be an atheist. Not even atheist scientists make such claims.

    2. The guy is a musician. His post is in Spanish, but you can use the translator:


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