Monday, November 6, 2017

Atheists Distancing Themselves From Militant Atheist Mass Shooter

I have always stated that Atheism is a stupid idea that spouts hate and bigotry. This has been exasperated with the so-called "New Atheism" movement which is more of a trolls anonymous convention rather than real atheists. One just has to see their online content and behavior to see that there is definitely some mental illness going on in their brains.

No sane person, more less someone who claims to be intelligent and rational would spew the nonsense and vitriol that these folks spew.  As we know from the past, the content found online has radicalized many people. These people have become violent in their communities and have engaged in mass shootings or other terroristic acts. Atheism is no different. It is built upon hate against God and those who believe in Him. 

As expected, internet atheists are being blacmed for a mass shooting in Texas.  Devin Patrick Kelley shot and killed at least 26 people at the Sutherlands Springs worship center.  The police investigating claim that the attack was not religiously or racially motivated, however, we have reason to think otherwise based on Kelly's online history.  Why attack a religious community of all places?  A place that speaks of God, the Gospel, and love of neighbor?  Kelley had a Facebook page that "liked" four different atheism accounts.  Among these pages he "liked" were that of Hemant Mehta who runs the Friendly Atheist page and whose content is anything but friendly.  Now he and other atheists are distancing themselves from this mass shooting despite their rhetoric possibily feuling Kelley's anger and hate. 

Online atheist rhetoric fosters a lot of anger and hate. The discussion on God's existence is pretty much replaced by hate and trolling against theists. It becomes a sort of hunting game online where these trolls seek out theists and attack them for no reason even when the theist never began the engagement.  Humans are very impressionable, especially young ones and those with mental illness. Hateful and vitriolic rhetoric found online will have an affect on these humans. Many times these effects will be negative.  It is okay to disagree, but the disagreement should be logically sound not geared towards hate and dehumanizing groups you disagree with. 

New reports show that Devin Kelley was mentally ill, had a history of domestic violence and animal cruelty. He had a deep hatred for religion, in particular, Christianity and was a militant atheist.  The Daily Mail reports:

“He was the first atheist I met. He went Air Force after high school, got discharged but I don't know why,” Patrick Boyce, who attended New Braunfels High School with Mr Kelley, told the Daily Mail. But Courtney Kleiber, who was close with Mr Kelley from middle school through high school, said “he was heavily involved in the church at one point and did believe in God earlier on in his life.”

“I had always known there was something off about him,” she wrote on Facebook. “But he wasn't always a ‘psychopath’ though. He use to be happy at one point, normal, your average kid. We had a lot of good times together. Over the years we all saw him change into something that he wasn't. To be completely honest, I'm really not surprised this happened, and I don't think anyone who knew him is very surprised either. My heart goes out to all of the victims that should've never been.”

Former classmate Nina Rose Vaca told the Dallas Morning News: “He was a little strange but it was high school. Everyone was strange in their own way,”

In another source, the Washington Times reports:

Devin Patrick Kelley, the 26-year-old who stormed First Baptist Church in Texas and shot and killed 26 and wounded scores more, was described by former school classmates as an “outcast” and atheist who used social media to mock Christianity.

Too bad for the mainstream media, which no doubt would’ve loved to make the case that Kelley was a card-carrying Christian, a Bible-thumping Republican, a tea party type conservative to the core.

Turns out: He’s reportedly a wicked atheist with no moral compass. Hey — that’s rather like many of the left now, isn’t it? Can you say antifa, anyone?

The mainstream media did not cover this story much and obviously because it did not fit their narrative. To them, a mass shooter is a second-amendment, bible thumping Christian from the south.  Atheists, liberals and others are not supposed to do mass shootings, per the media.  Nevertheless, we know the facts that Kelley was a militant atheist radicalized by Hemant Mehta and other online so-called atheists who use the guise of atheism to make money, troll and vent their hate.  

More needs to be done.  If you see hateful atheists, please report them to social media and local authorities. Nothing good comes from atheism.  



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