Saturday, November 25, 2017

Trump Fanaticism

Exodus 20:3 says that one shall not have other gods before the One True God. This quote from the Bible should be held deep in the hearts and minds of those who call themselves Christians. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Human fanaticism gets in the way.

Human beings have a tendency of placing other humans above them. We see how people go wild at the sight of a celebrity or music artist. They get so wild that sometimes people are hurt or killed in the commotion. This is a sad consequence of human psychology.

Political fanaticism is equally as dangerous. On CNN there was an interview where a Trump supported said that he would believe President Trump over Jesus Christ. Can you believe this? It actually happened. See the video here:

I am hoping this man was joking. His comment is extremely ignorant and makes many of us question his mental health. How can Donald Trump be more believable than Jesus who is God and Son of God? Jesus who is the Truth (John 14:6)! This mere thought of it is sickening. Donald Trump has been caught on so many lies by the media and those who monitor politicians. It is no surprise that politicians often lie to get their way. Trump is no different despite not being a traditional politician. Claiming that Trump is more believable that Jesus is blasphemy and idolatry. Trump is a mere man with many faults. Christ is God and man who is pure love, holiness, and truth. I would always believe Jesus over Trump, my family, friends, and even the pope!

The fanaticism for Trump is disturbing indeed. There was even someone impersonating me on Google Plus and was posting pro-Trump propaganda. I had those profiles taken down. I do not support any politician. While I like some ideas Trump, Clinton, and Sanders had, this does not mean that I endorse them. I respect our president Donald Trump because he is the president, but I will not support everything he says and does. I feel he is not too strong on pro-life and marriage issues. Moreover, he is not too strong in science and education. His ideas on climate change are terrifying. However, I do agree with him on most of his ideas on illegal immigration and religious freedom.

Others have put so much confidence in Trump that they will defend him against reason. This is scary. The guy being interviewed by CNN is an example. Then there are others who get offended if you speak out against Trump. I have had some crazy Catholics attack me for speaking against Trump. They think that somehow honoring Trump makes you a good Catholic. These people have trashed our pope over Trump. It is disgusting and shows the poor mental state in these individuals. We cannot blindly follow anyone or else we will repeat the history regarding Hitler. All leaders and people in power must be vetted against reason and morality. No one is above Jesus, not even Trump. I would hope that Trump would tweet or speak out against this follow of his and condemn his offensive comment.

Jesus is Lord and only Him (Philippians 2:11)! If Jesus commands me to rebel against Trump or even my nation, the United States of America. I will not hesitate to do so. Jesus Christ is number 1, everyone else is number 2.


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