Tuesday, November 28, 2017

'Thinking Chicken' @AtheismNTheCity Scared to Debate: Forfeits

After I invited atheismnthecity who claims to be "The Thinker" to debate me (http://www.sacerdotus.com/2017/11/invitation-to-debate-will-pusillanimous.html), he/she has run away from debating me as expected. Atheismnthecity has demonstrated him/herself to be an non-thinker and a chicken.  He/she is clearly not capable of engaging me in a debate and made it obvious via his/her stalling.

He/she will not follow through with the debate and just wants to email back and forth while engaging in polemics.

AtheismNtheCity has forfeited and has been declared the loser by default.  I tweeted this earlier:

AtheismNtheCity responded to my email with the same stalling. It is clear that he/she is hiding something from not being able to present identification and academic credentials.  See the emails and my replies:

Despite forfeiting, I gave atheismnthecity another chance to follow through by December 2, 2017. Let us see if he/she musters up any courage or continues forfeiting.  I do not believe he will be able to follow through because this will reveal that he/she is just another poser and troll who lacks academic credentials. 

UPDATE: November 30, 2017

AtheismNTheCity is now playing games. He is asking me for identification despite my information being posted on the about me tab on this website. It is clear that he is engaging in the same stalling that William Hounslow (Rubicondior) engaged in when I invited him to debate me in 2012-13.  Take a look at his emails below and my replies.

It is obvious that AtheismNTheCity is just engaging in puerile tactics and has no interest in a serious and formal debate. He does not want to provide identification and academic records that match that identification. This is important because it screens honest debaters who are academically prepared from online trolls just looking to bring disruption.   AtheismntheCity is clearing inacapable of providing identification and academic records because he is clearly just a troll.  


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