Friday, December 18, 2015

My Book 'Atheism Is Stupid' On Sale

My book, 'Atheism Is Stupid' is on sale now on Amazon and other locations. It will be available in your local bookstores in about 6-8 weeks, please request it with your local merchant to expedite the process.  As many of you know, I was an atheist most of my life and am now a Catholic.  In this book, I critique Atheism and many of the most common arguments and ideas that atheists hold and propagate on and offline.  This book is meant to show how 'stupid' the concept of atheism really is using my fields of study, the sciences, philosophy, theology as well as other fields of academia which I referenced.  

This book is not meant to disparage atheists, only criticize atheism and refute it.  The book itself is part of a popular blog series.  Many more volumes will follow as there is much to cover on the topic of atheism which would have been too much for just one book. Therefore, expect more books to come in the near future. Hopefully, I will be able to get this current book translated into other languages.  This book will be an asset for theists of any faith in regards to helping them defend God against atheism.  It will also force those atheists who are objective to question their own atheistic beliefs.  This book is a must have for apologists, philosophers, scientists and the avid reader.  

To purchase go to any of the links below:

Barnes and Noble: Atheism Is Stupid

Atheism Is Stupid - Createspace

Amazon: Atheism Is Stupid

Kindle Version: Atheism Is Stupid




  1. Replies
    1. As a former atheist, it was the conclusion I came to as I was reevaluating atheism in my life. If you read the book you will understand what I mean.

  2. And yet your wasting paper, your argument against atheism are pathetic and as a so called ex atheist you know your book is easily ripped to pieces

  3. And yet your wasting paper, your argument against atheism are pathetic and as a so called ex atheist you know your book is easily ripped to pieces

    1. What is pathetic is criticizing arguments from a book you have not read. Why the dishonesty? This book is a threat to atheism and I am glad it is getting atheists nervous. They are jumping to give it bad reviews without even reading it. That is very telling. :)

  4. Until there is actual evidence presented for a deity, Atheism will remain the rational position.

    1. My book shows how your comment is irrational and has no basis on facts. Read it and you will see.


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