Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2nd CNN GOP Debate

The last GOP debate on CNN for 2015 just took place.  In the first round, lower rated candidate took the podium.  Santorum, Graham, Huckabee and Pataki were those in this debate.  The debate took on the topic of national security.  Each candidate differed on the approach he would take on national security. Huckabee, Santorum and Pataki did take a strong stance on the surveillance of Muslims. Linsey Graham seemed emotional and came to the defense of Muslims even apologizing for Trump's remarks. Santorum became the target of Pataki and Twitter users after he stated his disagreement with having women in the front lines during battle.  In this debate, Graham clearly won.

The second debate was very active. Bush was more energized in this debate and even make Trump look out to be a cry baby. Trump complained about Bush's remarks, interruptions and CNN's insistence on wording questions around him.  Bush responded that if Trump could not handle this then what makes him think he would handle the presidency and all that it entails. Trump was visibly upset, turning red and holding back. Bush as well seemed to be holding back. Rand Paul also attacked Trump claiming that America needs a president that follows the Constitution in reference to Trump's remarks about banning Muslims.  Chris Christie did pretty well and once again tried to be the peace maker as other candidates were attacking each other.  However, he messed up with the name of the King of Jordan. Rubio and Cruz went at it over their immigration records. Kasick showed he is knowledgeable but hardly participated in the debate when compared to the others.  Carly Fiorina was also not questioned as much as the others, nor did she get caught up in any back and forth with the other candidates. Trump spoke toughly and did not recant on his recent statements.  This debate seemed to have been his weakest so far. Carson did much better in regards to foreign policy but was booed when he was asked if he would bomb innocent children in Raqqa and he did not say that he would not.








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