Monday, December 21, 2015

Atheism = A-Fraud V

Many atheists today believe strongly in free speech and expression. They complain when displays mocking religion are removed from museums or when Muslims protest cartoons of their alleged prophet. When some atheists are arrested and tortured in Arab nations for blogging, atheists will cry out 'foul!' The irony is that they only believe in free speech and expression when it pertains to their silly ideas.  If theists of any faith join their groups online or post on their blogs, atheists who run the aforementioned will do anything possible to censor them.

What are they afraid of if they supposedly have the 'truth?'

I myself have been kicked out of Google + communities and Facebook groups run by pusillanimous atheists who are afraid to debate me directly. At first, they are welcoming but then they become Nazis.  This shows the fraud perpetuated by atheists today.  They believe and promote freedom of speech and expression, but stifle speech and expression that threatens them.

While I understand moderation is necessary to weed out bad comments and personalities, not everything that counter's an atheist view should be viewed as something that needs to be 'weeded out' if a community or group truly celebrates free speech and expression.  When I started my own site, I allowed anyone to post comments.  However, when I noticed spam bots posting comments with virus links and when some trolls came on to post vulgarity and what not, that is when I decided to moderate my site.  I now only allow comments that are relevant to the post and are free from ad hominem and vulgarity. I feel this is fair and keeps the site clean and flowing.  However, atheists only favor their own and censor the speech of others only become it is different. They are not fair or honest.

Let me identify a few examples.

Here is Dan Eastman who moderates the Atheism community on Google +. The rules of this community allow for the posting of links that bring about discussion related to atheism. Atheists post their links without issue.  However, once I posted my links related to atheism, he had issue with it.  When I questioned his unfairness and quoted the community's own rules which allows me to post links related to the community, he removed me from the group.   Clearly he is biased and is not interested in honest discourse, only what conforms to his limited scope of thinking.  See the group and the rules below.

Here we have Alan Lee on the left and M. Walter Saranetz  in black and white below Alan.  Alan is the owner of a Facebook group on Deism, Atheism and Theism. He has M. Walter Saranetz and other atheists as moderators. Notice he does not make it fair and have theists as moderators as well.  Anyhow, I was invited to this group by a Protestant youth. The group calls for members to introduce themselves and I did.  For the most part, members were polite except one individual who took to issue the mentioning of my academic credentials. He seemed envious and presented a sort of test to see if I knew about what I studied.  I messaged Alan and Walter about this individual and he did nothing at all. The group's rules call for the notification of bad members to the group's moderators, yet Alan took no action.  Anyhow, I showed this individual that his question made no sense because he misunderstood the concept he was asking me about.  Another individual also corrected him. After this, I seldom posted as the group looked boring and what not. Some people messaged me on it and I replied the best I could, others messaged me privately. Well, when my book was put on sale I posted the link in the group.  Immediately, these people came out attacking me.  The same people who were polite at first with the exception of that one guy who wanted to test me began to show their claws, so to speak.  After this, I noticed that this group was just full of trolls pretending to be atheist. I posted in the group making it clear that I do not want to waste time on trolls. This clearly got under the skin of many and the attacks continued.  M. Walter Saranetz even participated in the personal attack which completely makes him incapable of being a fair moderator.  This continued until he removed me from the group.  My removal shows the lack of integrity of both Alan Lee and M. Walter Saranetz; not to mention the cowardice of atheists who cannot handle an opposing view and just try to shut it out by force just like Islamists who use violence to shut down those who they disagree with.  Here below is my post saying who I take seriously and who I do not.  Notice Walter's libelous comment which is a personal attack and notice the rules prohibit personal attacks.

So Walter removes me just for trying to get people to be civil and adult in the group, go figure.   The owner, Alan Lee allowed it and never took action against the person who first attacked me when I joined the group nor against Walter who engaged in personal attacks which go against Alan's own rules.  Both violate the group's rules showing these men have a lack of integrity.  Only deranged dictators break their own rules. We can conclude that both Alan and Walter are dishonest, biased and frauds just like Dan Eastman.  

Next we have two of several trolls in the Atheist vs Theist community on Google + who immediately rushed to my book Amazon page to post false reviews.  Their reviews attack me and my book out of envy and spitefulness.  Neither of them own the book because the reviews were posted within hours after the book was released.  Amazon clearly states that processing takes 2 days, not to mention the shipping time.  There is no way anyone who ordered my book could receive it in hours and read it in that time to post an honest review.  Those who ordered my book informed me that their copy will be delivered around the 23rd of December which correlates with the processing time Amazon mentions on the page.   These trolls pretend to be atheist and post nonsensical posts while harassing Christians and took the opportunity to abuse Amazon's open review system.  Here are Robert Pratt and Canon:

fake reviews posted out of spitefulness and envy

Atheists today who push atheism as a form of free speech and expression while claiming religion is a controlling Fascist system are delusional.  They demonstrate that atheism is a fraud.  It is a sham that contradicts itself by pretending to be for free speech while being intolerant of speech that is contrary.  My advice to people who identify as theist (Christian etc) is to leave groups and communities like this.  You will not be treated fairly.  Those who run these groups and communities are insecure individuals who are afraid of contrary points of view that threaten their narrow scope of thinking.

Report these groups so Facebook and Google will remove them as these are havens of religious hate and discrimination.  If you are a lawyer reading this, please email me.  

Visit these groups and report them to Facebook and Google.

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