Friday, July 24, 2015

Pixels the Movie

I just came from the movie theater after watching "Pixels" with my nephew who was anxious and excited to watch this movie since he first saw the commercials on YouTube.  The movie stars funnymen Adam Sandler and Kevin James and involves video games, extraterrestrials and war. The movie begins in the 1980s where Sandler's character (Brenner) and the other main characters spend their youth going to the arcades.

Sandler loses in a arcade tournament against an arrogant gamer (Eddie) who is a dwarf and is portrayed by Peter Dinklage. This character had cheated but we learn about this later on in the movie. Basically, the movie's plot involves the arrival of light-based extraterrestrials who misinterpret data sent from Earth into space, possibly from Voyager. The extraterrestrials see the video games as a threat from Earth and challenge Earthlings to a real life "game" tournament of sort.  They use light and solidify it into pixels which actually generates 1980s classics such as Pacman, Donkey Kong, qbert, duck hunt, Centipede and many others.  These video games appear at set intervals and attack, turning matter into pixels on contact including human beings. Earth has 3 chances or 3 lives to win or face extermination. The light-based aliens send the humans warnings via edited videos from the 1980s. Sandler's character and others are called into action by Keven James' character who is the president of the United States.  They are chosen for their gaming skills and fight the pixelated aliens as if they were playing a real life version of their childhood games.  The final battle is with Donkey Kong but deviates a bit from the actual play of the real classic game.

The movie has gotten poor reviews on the news, but I personally enjoyed it.  It is a great movie for nerds and children. There are some bad words used such as "b*tch and sh*t" and a few sexual innuendos, other than that the movie is watchable.  The dialog can be off at times possibly due to bad delivery.  However, Kevin James' and Josh Gad's characters are hilarious.

The movie has many themes in it such as the possibility that extraterrestrials may in fact misinterpret our greetings.  This is something Physicist Stephen Hawking has warned about.  The movie also reminds viewers of the "good old times" when kids actually socialized and played innocent games, unlike today where games are violent, have sexual themes and kids have become anti-social zombies due to cell phones, tablets and computers.   The movie teaches kids how to be real kids, have fun and play fair.  As I mentioned before, Peter Dinklage's character 'Eddie' uses codes to cheat against the pixelated version of Pacman.  Because of this, the aliens declare that Earth would be annihilated for not playing by the rules of war.  The movie also makes fun of the British and their verbiage mixed with an accent that makes their speech unintelligible.

One of my favorite scenes was the battle in Manhattan against Pacman. The story line in this movie is very original and entertaining. The audience was constantly laughing and clapping indicating that the movie was in fact "easy on the eyes."  This movie is a good way to introduce quantum physics to children via the use of pixels. It is also a good way to introduce the classic games of the past which are innocent and fun to play.  I recommend this movie for older children ages 9 and up.  Reviews given online and on the news by critics are based on their bias for films that are overly sexual and immoral. They do not know what a good movie is. The images here are some that I took with my phone during the film for this blog post.  

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