Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cecil the Lion

Non-human animals are part of God's beautiful creation.  Yes, they can be dangerous to human life, but they are part of wildlife, so what else can we expect?  Anyhow, a beloved animal lovingly called "Cecil the lion" as been a staple for tourists in Zimbabwe's Hwange Nation park.  He would roam around with his black mane impressing crowds with his majestic appearance.  Cecil was even studied by scientists. However, all this has changed.  Cecil the lion was lured off the national park, shot with a bow an arrow and later shot dead again.  American dentist Walter J. Palmer paid over $50,000 in order to hunt this animal.

He hired two others who were arrested in Zimbabwe and are facing charges.  The 13-year-old Cecil was skinned and beheaded.  This has brought outcries throughout the world.  Many are protesting the killing of Cecil the lion. Palmer's dentist office is closed.  A make shift memorial with plush lion toys have been placed at the location. Messages were left mourning the loss of Cecil the lion while others condemned Palmer to hell and are calling for him to be charged and arrested.

This news saddens me.  Some people may say "it's just an animal."  Well true, but the killing of this animal was uncalled for. It was not a threat to anyone and the purpose of its killing is unnecessary. This poacher hunts animals just to have their heads as trophies. We are stewards of this world and must care of it and all its contents. There is no need to kill animals just to have their heads displayed on our homes.  This is just sick. Animals were not created by God to be play things or furniture for human beings.


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