Thursday, July 16, 2015

Prime Day Fail

Yesterday Amazon, the online merchant had a "Prime Day" event celebrating its 20 years of existence.  During this event, "deals" were going to be shown specifically for "prime users" to take advantage of.  The event was billed as being better than Black Friday sales.  However, things did not go so smoothly for customers.  Fans of Amazon complained that the event was more like a "garage sale" than an actual bargain sale. The hashtag "primeday" was set up to promote the event, but another one took its place, "primedayfail."  I myself tried the event using my student prime account which I have from my university and saw what others saw.

Things available for purchase at "discounted" prices were pretty much not attractive to today's gadget addicted crowd. Two specific "deals" were on the radar of online shoppers. These were two television sets priced at $75 (32 inch screen) and the other at $115 (40 inch screen). However, when the televisions were put on sale, they were "claimed" instantly.  Users were then told that the waiting list was full.  This angered many users who saw it as a scam. I myself tried to order one of the television sets as a gift for a relative and got the same message.  Mind you, I clicked immediately when it popped up. I then contacted customer service both via phone and online and was told it was a glitch and then was told that the item sold out.

It seemed they were only selling one set because anything else is just not logical. I immediately filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau as this was a clear example of false advertisement. Moreover, later on at night, a 39 inch television was put as "coming up." The timer was then changed from 5 seconds away from being displayed as a deal to one to be released 1 hour later.  Then as that hour was approaching, the television was removed, the price changed to $368.  Then within another 30 minutes the television miraculous appeared as "coming up" with the counter counting down. When the counter expired, the television was listed at merely $219 and you guessed it.. it sold out within a half second.  Oh well...

Nevertheless, I did get two phone podcast mics to use to record shows for Sacerdotus Radio and also when I am going to interview someone away from home; as well as some toys for my nephews and books for myself to read.  Here are some tweets on the event:


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