Saturday, January 26, 2013

March For Life

The 40th March For Life just took place.  It was freezing and even snowing in Washington D.C.  Nevertheless, this did not stop the nearly 1 million participants who braved it all to defend and speak out for life.  As usual, the media were no where to be found.

Only local newspapers and media outlets were scattered about.  I did not see Anderson Cooper, nor Rachel Maddow; two anchors who seem to be everywhere and every time "news" breaks out.  This was not expected knowing where the media stands on abortion.

Who cares!  

With or without the media the Pro-Life movement will still be relevant.  It was awesome seeing the many young people of all ages present.  Their youthful faces red from the cold holding signs, praying, signing, handing out materials was encouraging.  They were chanting, "hey hey, ho ho Roe v Wade has got to go."

It was also amazing to see the diversity.  The Pro-Life movement is not a "white gun loving" collective of Republicans, we come from all walks of life.  There were Pro-Life people from all political parties, of all faiths and no faith; even feminists for life were present.  Pro-Life marchers of every race and ethnicity were present.  Had Dr. King been alive today he would have joined in the march.  In it "white and black men, "Catholic and Protestant" walked to demand respect for life and rights for those who are unborn.

Since Roe vs. Wade we have lost over 55 million people to abortion.  This has got to stop.  Cardinal O'Malley is right in saying that abortion is not a necessary evil, but just plain evil.  It is mind boggling how this atrocity exists in the modern era.  The extent to which it is defended, even with distorted science adds to the absurdity.

We will be victorious   Abortion will end in American and throughout the world.  

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