Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Roe vs. Wade - 40 Years of Evil

Today is the 40th anniversary of a court decision that has legalized one of the most hideous, evil and embarrassing acts of the modern age: abortion.

Abortion was presented to the Supreme Court by Norma McCorvey and attorney Gloria Alfred as a lack of "privacy" issue that violated the Constitution.  The rhetoric describe abortion as part of a "woman's right."  The legalese used convinced the justices to conclude that the ban on abortion was unconstitutional.

Today, all kinds of sophism is used to defend abortion under the guise of "women's rights."  Yesterday, the most pro-abortion president even took oath for a second term.  Despite this, much success has been gained in attempting to ban this horrendous act once again and once and for all.

Abortion is not a "woman's right," it is a woman's and man's escape from responsibility.  It degrades the value of human life to a mere object that can be removed at any moment.  Facts learned in biology and embryology are thrown out the window and replaced with some of the most foolish ideas I have ever heard such as:
  1. The fetus is a parasite 
  2. The unborn are not human 
  3. The unborn are not alive 
  4. It's a woman's body 
  5. The unborn are a tumor
  6. The unborn are aggressors

See my Prochoice Debunked post for a rebuttal of these arguments.

It is just absurd to hear the different justifications presented in favor of abortion.  What is more disturbing is that those who are pro-abortion actually believe them.

Abortion is not a human right for anyone.  Human beings have no right to take life unless in self defense.  This self defense is only moral and justified when it deals with an attacker that is consciously aware and intent on harming you.  An unborn child in the womb is not there planning to attack his/her mother.  Another argument is that the unborn are "potential" life.  This is a complete rejection of embryology.  The unborn are not "potential life," they are human lives in particular stages of human development.   Moreover, the suggestion that the unborn are aggressors is extremely unfounded and ridiculous.  It shows the state of mind of those who call themselves "pro-choice" in that they lack complete deference for human life even if the life is a child.

Normally, when we see a child we desire to love that child and protect him/her - even if the child is not ours.  It is a natural instinct for us to protect the young.  It is a survival mechanism built in all of us.  Only non-human animals kill their own young.

When we hear a child crying, we usually say "awww" in an attempt to relate to the child's discomfort.  Abortion destroys all of this. The unborn child becomes a burden - a "tumor" that needs to be torn apart and removed instead of protected and cherished.

It is ironic that in order to declare someone legally dead, there has to be an absence of a heart beat; yet, abortion supporters have a hard time declaring the unborn alive when at 18 days after conception the heart is beating.

Does this make sense?

Forty years after Roe v. Wade, we have lost over 50 million human lives to abortion.  Every 20 seconds a child is killed via this horrible act.  We could have used those 50 million people now in the work force adding to our economy.  Those who supported abortion decades ago who are now in retirement age are now wondering whether or not their social security and other benefits will come in.  They should have thought of this when they were advocating the genocide of generations of workers who would have kept our American benefits system alive and well today.

We must not give up.  Abortion must be fought at the state level in order to avoid damaging rulings from the Federal court system.  Chipping away at a tree's base will eventually bring it down.  Abortion clinics are closing all throughout the United States, some state governments are limiting funding to Planned Parenthood; little by little abortion will be defeated just like slavery and segregation was.

Yesterday we celebrated Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was a champion of human rights.  Had abortion been legal in his day, I am sure he would have joined the pro-life movement advocating for the rights of all human beings, born or unborn.

Abortion is an evil that can never be justified.  Like Slavery and Segregation, Abortion must be disposed of in order for America to thrive.  We have advanced in technology to know for a fact when human life begins.  There is no justification for abortion.  

Decades from now, our generation will be looked upon as primitive for allowing abortion, just like we look down upon generations that allowed Slavery and Segregation.

If you are pregnant and need help, abortion should not be an option.  There is help:


Here are other blogs I have written which deal with Abortion and the ProChoice rhetoric:














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