Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Bruce Lame"

Excuse the title "Bruce Lame"... during this vacation time I had the liberty of playing Batman's Arkham City Wii U game with young relatives, so Batman is on my mind. :)

Anyhow, I received this tweet from homosexual atheist "Bruce Llama" and replied to the links he provided.  My comments are in black and the blogger's comments are in blue.

///Oh, I see what you did there, I suppose you think you’re clever!///

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, clever indeed.  I am glad you caught on fast.

///I’m not your brother and I dismiss your faith as irrelevant.  There is no god to work in your life or my life.////

Sacerdotus replies:

We are all part of the same species and originated from the first human beings to walk the Earth.  You dismiss God without basis and you argue from assertion. We need more than that in order to take your position as valid.

////You are bigots and hateful people. All the way up to your pope who blames gay people for all sorts of things wrong with the world.  And the old testament doesn’t just have harsh words, it wants to put gay people to death.  Go check.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Pot calling kettle?  Speaking the truth does not make one a bigot.  It is not news that all civilizations, old and recent, have had some sort of a death penalty.

///Well good for you, now f**k off and keep it to yourself.  You are in no position to ‘merely call’ anyone to live in accordance with the natural law.  God and natural law have no right being in the same sentence.////

Sacerdotus replies:

The Catholic Church has earn its right to be a dominant relevant voice on Earth.  We are the largest and oldest social structure in modern times.  We have outlived every empire that are now gone.  The governments of today have modeled their laws after our beliefs, philosophies and understanding of the natural law.  We have provided modern science to the world, the school and hospital system as well.

That being said:  The Catholic Church can never be silent when a minority subculture is attempting to distort reality.  You are a fool if you think the Church will let an idea that just appeared this morning to take down thousands of years of knowledge, wisdom and common sense.

//Sin is such a christian thing.  There is nothing wrong with having sex and there is no such thing as sin.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Sin is a real thing.  Look around you.  Why do people do evil?   I never said there is nothing wrong with having sex.  What is wrong is having it outside the vows of marriage.  It degrades the act into a vice instead of a life giving manifestation of the love between a male and a female.

///Causes?  Who cares, the reality is that we have people from all over the world and all through time who are gay.  The cause is of no importance to those people.  Being able to live without fear is important.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Anyone who seeks knowledge cares, in particular the psychological community.  We have sociopaths, psychopaths and the like all over the world, should we ignore them and let them live among us without keeping an eye out for them?  Disorders of any kind must be studied.

///No heterosexual gene has been discovered either.  Nor a gene for being a douche.  Your quip about people’s brains sort of borders on saying that there is something wrong with the brain of a homosexual person.  How rude!///

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, the xx xy chromosomes dictate the sexuality that we call heterosexual.  There is; however, a condition call in denial which is when people in face of truth still believe otherwise.

///And here you are, allowing your pope to blame us for the destruction of the family.  Here you are suggesting that if we so much as touch the wobbly bits of a same-sex partner we are doomed to burn for all eternity in a hell created by your god who supposedly loves us.  We are attacked, vilified and harassed by well meaning catholics and you still don’t get it.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Truth is truth whether people like it or not.  Fire burns and gives pain.  Some might find pain a thrill to experience, but in the end, it can kill you.   I understand there will be conflicts, but the Catholic Church does not endorse homophobia of any kind.

///Chaste?  Why should I give up sex?  I’m simply not going to, and a whole bunch of people, gay and otherwise see through this sort of control.  Then there is the loving threat that we get from catholics.  Homosexuality is not a sentence to hell!  but mind you, if you don’t accept grace and turn from your sinful ways then that’s where you’ll end up.  In hell, and you’ll only have yourself to blame.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Why be an addict?  Do you want to be the sum of an act?  Do you want to be defined by where you insert your penis, or do you want to define yourself by your character, knowledge and contribution to society?   The choice is yours.  I don't think human beings exist to penetrate each other to one's own content.  There is more to life than that.

God is extremely merciful.  You'd be surprised at the many gay people who accept God at the last breath and make it.

///You’ll be pleased to know that sexual drive does not define most of us.  You’ll be delighted to know that it has been like forever since sex was only about reproducing.  In fact, humanity has gone out of its way to find ways to prevent the sperm and egg from coming together to make a baby!  People have sex because it’s fun.  It has very little to do with the actual breeding.  Even the catholics have been smart enough to work that out and they too have found ways to cheat the falling pregnant thing.  (Think rhythm  method or the Billings method).  Gay people are not the sum of their sexuality.  They too have jobs, families and hobbies, they don’t just f**k all day long.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Well every time I see something about the LGBT community, it is always sexual.  Black and Hispanic history months demonstrate each respective ethnicity's contribution to society.  Its famous individuals, its intellectuals and the like.

Gay pride month? Well.... disgusting sexual manifestations on city streets.  Sex is portrayed, even in front of children.  Sex is promoted via condoms.  Marchers are naked or nearly naked.  Each member is classified as a "twink, bear, versatile or top."  They become objects of pleasure, not dignified persons.  It presents homosexuals as a community of the sexual frustrated variety.  Is this what homosexuality is about?  Is this what defines them?

////We the people more and more understand how the body works.  The designer of the bodies that you claim is one f**ked up designer.  Why put nails on toes that can be ingrown?  Why allow teeth to rot and hurt?  Why make sex so good and then insist that people not do it?  Your god seems to have fallen asleep during the design meetings.////

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, and that understanding does not change the facts of how the body works.  Nails are dead skin cells.  Teeth rot if they are not cared for.  All matter decays.  Sex is good because it is supposed to be a good.  It is meant to bring life and show love between a male and female since only they can reproduce.  Not everything that feels good is a good.

///Sex is sex.  It’s good, you should try it.  There is no reason for gay people not to come out.  Why would there be a need for any remorse?  It helps to know the type of person you’re having sex with, what do they like?  Saves a lot of hassle later on.  And whether you like it or not, sex is about gratification.  Sure, sometimes it’s about love, I love my love llama, we have gratification sex and we have lovely sex too, quite often at the same time.  What’s important is that we want to share the good times together.  Sounds mighty fine to me.///

Sacerdotus replies:

A destructive lifestyle with the highest rates of mental illness and std infection is not reason enough?   Look at what you just wrote: "...helps to know the type of person you're having sex with..."  is that what life is?  We just pick and choose who we like, use them and throw them away?  What a sorry way of living and narrow view of life.

This view is not much different than a homophobe who beats up a gay person.  To them, they are just a "gay nasty abnormal"  thing that needs to be beaten up.  Is this okay??   People are people. They have dignity.  They are not objects of gratification for others.  Why do you think so many LGBT opt out of life?  Your lifestyle is killing them!

The Catholic Church invites the LGBT to take the colors of the rainbow and paint a beautiful image of God in their lives.      

///How would you know what your god intends?  And the sexual desire, regardless of sexuality, is strong in some people.  However, this particular catholic seems to be suggesting gays are so sex-crazed that they do nothing else.///

Sacerdotus replies:

It is obvious what God intends with the human race.  Why give conscience, reason, intelligence, self awareness, things other animals do not have only for human beings to act like animals?   To my knowledge, I have not seen or heard of an event regarding LGBT that does not involve "sex-crazed" silliness.   Please show me an event where gay authors, poets, philosophers, scientists etc speak to the people and encourage them.  Please show me a LGBT event that is void of strippers, men dressed in silly costumes, young teens in underwear, old obese men in leather.  Please show me something other than this circus.

////The only person prayer helps is you.  It helps you think you’re doing something useful while being completely useless.  Sexuality for most people is actually a very minor part of their whole being.  It’s only the people on the outside that have a perception of gay people being obsessed by it.  It’s possible to be a sex object and be a worthwhile human while showing love, respect and dignity for your ‘sex object’.  It really is. This ongoing self-righteous crap that religious people embark upon with an air of ‘truth’ is what’s wrong with the world.  It’s the catholics who think they are the ones with the truth who show no humility and parade themselves around like a prostitute in an Amsterdam brothel.  They no more have the truth or the answers to the universe than I do. The arrogance of non-gay catholics to attempt to impose their world view on others is staggering.  They pretend to do it with love and grace from god, but the reality is that they do it from some deep-seated need to feel superior and ‘saved’. The lot of them can take their religion and shove it up the pope’s clacker with a pointy stick and a flagon of altar wine.///

Sacerdotus replies:

If that is true then why did my post get your attention?  If you are so set in your life, then you would have just turned a blind eye to my post.

Do you approach women to flirt?  I am assuming that you don't because they are not worth your time.  So why pay attention to my blog and the Catholic Church's views on homosexuality?

Obviously, my prayer to reach others did work for me. :)

All human beings, Christian, non Christian, homo or hetero are called to something higher.  We are not the sum of our sexuality or of what pleasures us.  When you realize this you will be free and know true joy.

//I’ve been looking at Sacerdotus’s website. It’s full of religious rubbish and a lovely place to visit when you need a laugh!
He thinks atheism is a crime against humanity – and includes these little bits of drivel.//

Sacerdotus replies:

This means much coming from someone with a photo of a llama... indeed...

///I wonder if Sacerdotus worked that out all by himself. It seems that he thinks that Atheists don’t have feelings or can’t be creative. Somebody should have told Douglas Adams that. The worlds he created in his mind and then on paper were off beat, devoid of logic and reason.

The notion that somehow Atheists are incapable of emotion or that somehow we are always rational and logic is flawed. We are human too. What we aren’t is delusional about our place in the universe.

This is the same old stereo type we hear from religious nutters all the time. Because we don’t believe in a god we must be devoid of joy. We must not have any fun, and we have no hope. We’re not upset because somebody dies, we don’t care if someone hurts and there is no reason for us to be good as we’ll never be held accountable for our actions.

I’m a happy atheist, at times irrational and slightly unhinged, just ask the Love Llama. I love music, 80′s stuff mostly, but thrive on Jazz and classical music. I love to read and I love an amusement park. Clearly I must have a touch of the gays. Yes, that’d be it. Gay and atheist, bound to lead to a superior feeling of happiness with the world.////

Sacerdotus replies:

Bruce here is committing what is called a Straw man fallacy.  He is misrepresent my blog post and inferring his comprehension on the actual text.  The premise of my blog post is to highlight how Atheism will deprive humanity of basic cognitive functions needed for a healthy development an existence based on physicalism.  

Studies disagree with Bruce regarding the mental and emotional health of atheists. (

////Atheism does not seek to suppress those things, silly.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Again, I never stated this.

///The human race will be destroyed by some deluded christian who thinks the end times are upon them. We’ll disappear in a puff of smoke because nobody was game enough to say “enough!”.

There is no god, there is no supernatural. There is plenty of art, music and philosophy. Atheists can and do take part in all those things, because they want to. Not because some god told them to.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Christianity has existed for over 2000 years and no such thing has happened. If you say there is no God or no supernatural, you have to prove this. Your claim is not enough to move the intellect.  Yes, there is art, music, and philosophy; all which incorporate God as well. :)  As a matter of fact, the greatest artworks and music are religious.  Philosophy has always brought up the question of the Logos.  Its arguments would be incorporated into Catholic teaching during the Church's early years.

////Sacerdotus has been the subject of a couple of my recent blogs.  He’s decided to answer me on his blog.  He’s done what I do, pulls apart my words sentence by sentence.  So, I’ve grabbed a couple of his sentences and done the same thing.  If you want to get the jist of his answers, you can find the full blog here.  And I haven’t answered every point that he’s made.  I’m sure if Sacerdotus thinks I’ve missed something important he’ll let me know.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, I am very popular :)  I also attract visits to other blogs.
I have always dissected the words of others, see my other reply blogs directed at atheists, homosexuals, pro-abortion advocates.  You bet your last shekel I will let you know if you missed something.

///I don’t need more than that.  There is no god.  If there is then show me.  You can’t, and it’s a pointless argument.  You’ve got plenty of others to argue that point with, I’m not interested in your god at all.  Whether or not you want to take my position as valid is entirely up to you.  You can, and will, believe whatever you like.///

Sacerdotus replies:

"There is no god" - this has to be proven.  If I say, "there are no gay people only clowns" you will question me how is that possible.

////You don’t speak the truth.  You accept the gospel and the magisterium of the catholic church as truth.  Both are flawed human endeavours.  You hide behind your church and use that to pretend you’re a step removed from your bigotry.  You’re not.  You have a choice, use it.////

Sacerdotus replies:

If they were flawed, how did they survive so long?  Think about this.  Empires have fallen.  Empires that were advanced, pro-homosexual... yet they fell and the Catholic Church remained.  The Catholic Church has no armies.  Rome was invaded countless times, yet we are still here.

///So?  The catholic church has no right, it is governed by a bunch of old men that elect themselves.  In a modern society it is antiquated and out of touch.  It doesn’t matter how old it is.  The only reason that it is here is because it created its own power base by accumulating property and devotion from a gullible people.  We’re not in Kansas any more Dorothy.  It’s time to pack it up, sell it off.////

Sacerdotus replies:

Again, empires that have co-existed with the Catholic Church were "modern" for their day, yet they are no more.  Ancient Greece and Rome were extremely advanced and modern.  They were pro-homosexual, yet they are not here and meanwhile a group of "old men" without military power remained in the Vatican.  I know you are smarter than this.  You can put 2 and 2 together.

///Oh please. The laws the church pretends to have supplied were well in existence before you lot rooted your first goat.  In fact, the law has to be designed to limit the control of the church.  And while the church does a great deal of good in the world, it does so because it thinks that’s what some imaginary deity wants.  The reality is that those schools and hospitals are full of normal people who think most of the churches teachings are bollocks.//

Sacerdotus replies:

Not at all.  The ideas of the Church helped formulate laws that we use today.  Remember, after the collapse of the Roman Empire the Church took over.  We kept society going.  The laws limiting control of the Church were due to the reformation.  Your use of "imaginary deity" is an assertion fallacy.  Where is your proof of this?  Making statements like this just shows you are ignorant.  The reality is that schools and hospitals would not exist if it were not for the Catholic Church.  

////The church is a minority.  Most people in the world don’t agree with you.  Most Australians are not catholics.  The only reason the church opposes things is because it’s a threat to its authority or livelihood.  You’re a fool if you think otherwise.////

Sacerdotus replies:

The Church is not a minority.  Just see the crowds the Pope gathers globally.  Some who were not taught properly have a misunderstanding of Church teachings; however, many of them research and realize that the Church is correct.  If the Church opposes something because it is a threat, then how will that help?  Would you square up to someone with a gun to your face?  The Church has no armies, no weapons.   We speak out because that is our function.  We must keep truth and common sense alive in a world that is blind and imploding.

///Sin is not real, it’s an invention created by religious nutters.  It’s a perceived wrong done against a deity.  There are no gods, therefore no sin.///

Sacerdotus replies:

No, sin is real.  Notice how you did not answer my question.  If sin were not real, we would not feel remorse and guilt after doing something that is considered evil.  If sin did not exist, then the foundation of what is a crime or tort would not be there.  Who can tell right from wrong?  What is a wrong?  What is a right?  Sins are offenses not only against God but one another.  There are no gods, but there is ONE God.

////Because.  They do.  You’re god is very limited if he can’t even get that right.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Because they do is not an answer.  God has nothing to do with sin.

////I’m human.  I enjoy inserting my penis.  I also have a job, community involvement, deal with 100′s of people every week.  Sex is only a small part of my life, a nice part.  It’s only you religious types that think because we’re gay we only ever think about sex.////

Sacerdotus replies:

Some people like sniffing white out, is that okay just because they like it?  Not all that feels good is a good.

We can only go by how your people display themselves.  This is what you present as your social definition.  We did not make it up.

///Oh please, that’s such a silly line.  You’d be surprised at how many catholics accept there is no god at their last breath.////

Sacerdotus replies:

How is it silly?  I have witnessed many homosexuals dying in hospitals ask for forgiveness.  Unfortunately, some people gain sense when they are about to expire.  When your day comes you will see what I mean.  Hopefully that will be many years away.

///Then you should get out and look more.  Every year here in Melbourne we have a Pride March and most of the people who march are fully clothed showing their support.  Support organisations,  police, bands, schools, pubs and clubs, hair dressers are all represented.  And yes, Dikes on Bikes, the gay Football team are mostly unclad people.  But that’s not sexual, that’s just people with little on.////

Sacerdotus replies:

I don't dispute that others might participate in marches, but the overall tone is sexual and perverted.

Look at these examples I found:

I can't even link the others, they are too graphic and disgusting.  As an intellectual and academic, I cannot take this display seriously.

///Sex is everywhere.  You heteros are forever putting in in TV shows, ads, billboards, magazines.  It’s not disgusting at all.  It’s part of being human.  You seem to be hung up about it.////

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes it is everywhere, but not in the manner these pride events display it.  To my knowledge, there are not "heterosexual pride" events.

///You’ll be pleased to know that sex between a man and a woman is about gratification.  And it’s about love.  You’ll then understand that sex between two men is also about gratification and it’s about love.  Just like straight people hook up for a one night stand, so too do gay people.  It’s the way it’s always been and no amount of you crying about gratification will escape the fact that there is more bodily fluids exchanged between people that doesn’t result in birth than does.  There is more sex for gratification for both parties than for love.  There just is.  It’s what animals do.  It’s what humans do.  We just got it right, we don’t have to procreate just because we have sex.  Being gay is a bonus.

Perhaps the reason LGBT people opt out of life is because they are persecuted by catholics with a narrow view of the world.  Being gay is not a lifestyle.  Sitting on the beach in a luxury resort is a lifestyle.////

Sacerdotus replies:

The problem is this:  when gratification is all you live for, then what good is life?   Gratification satiates.   Is gratification worth getting herpes, HIV  and other diseases?  Is gratification worth losing your dignity and feeling low about yourself because someone used you as a blow up doll?  Is this what life is about?  Seriously, if it is then gay life is pessimistic.

There needs to exist a balance.  Hedonism is just another addiction.  You become a prisoner of it.
If that is the life you want, that is your choice.  I wouldn't want to be a slave to desires and pleasure.

Statistics show that people in the LGBT opt out because they do not like their lives.  They feel oppressed, have low self esteem etc.  Being gay is indeed a life style.  Sitting on a beach in a resort is a vacation.

////Seriously?  Get out more.////

Sacerdotus replies:

I do and have not found such an event.  Can you name one gay scientist or philosopher and cite the work without using Google    I should do a survey and go to gay areas and ask them to name gay scientists or philosophers and then ask them to name gay porn stars.  Most likely, they will know the names of the latter which is sad.

///It’s a hobby.///

Sacerdotus replies:

And I'm the one that has to get out? :)

///Why do you assume that?  I work with some wonderful women.  Yes, we interact, and yes we flirt.  Women are an important part of the world.  Catholics treat them like dirt.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Well it is my understanding that you are gay.  If you are, then you will not flirt with women.  Would you date a woman?  Get married?  No one treats women better than the Catholic Church.  In most parishes, priests would not be able to run a parish without lay women and religious sisters.

///There was nothing good on the telly.///

Sacerdotus replies:

There are books.

///I guess from the smiley face that you make a joke.  Prayer just keeps you busy.  You should pray more.///

Sacerdotus replies:

The smiley face was to show that my prayer was answered.  You came to me.  Out of all the many people who tweet, you came to me.

//No they’re not.  There is nothing higher.  You get one life, that’s it.  When you die it’s all over.  Stop wasting your time on religion and do something useful with your life.///

Sacerdotus replies:

If this were true, why do we aspire to better ourselves?  Existentialism fails in this regard.  If all there is - is here, why better ourselves if we are all destined to die into nothingness?  Why have self awareness and the ability to think beyond the physical?   If you are an existentialist, then that is a waste of time.

///I already realise that.  I am free, and I have true joy.  I’m also bound by the society in which I live, I work hard, I play hard and I love life.  That’s the way it should be.  People get on in the world because they know and understand the value of those around them.

It’s a pity that you won’t open your eyes to the true wonder of the world, leave the medieval religion behind and embrace humanity for what it is.  A moment in universal time.  A very brief moment, and one that you have been lucky enough to participate in.

Stop wasting that briefest of moments.///

Sacerdotus replies:

I think your blog is a cry for help, you just won't admit it.  I can see through your cognitive dissonance.

I used to be an atheist.  I saw the world as it was and it was ugly.  So you are barking up the wrong tree.


///My new play thing Scabbydot has had a bit to say about hell after a tweet from Richard Dawkins.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Ad hominem.  A nice way to start a fallacious post...

///He then links to an article from his book that discusses his thinking.  It’s really very good.  Of course, he then attracts a lot of attention and the christians get all pissed off.  Queue Scabbydot…//

Sacerdotus replies:

It if were good, atheists would not be criticizing him for his silliness.

//Dawkins is a well recognised personality.  Rabid Llamas and Scabbydot catholics are insignificant.//

Sacerdotus replies:

Mister Bean is a well recognized personality as well, your point?  What makes a person renown is his/her positive contribution to the world.  This man is not known for anything scientifically significant.  He is a self-proclaimed mouthpiece of this so-called "New Atheism" cult.

//That’s not foolish.  As Hitchens said – religion poisons everything.  Reading the tweet would also give you a hint about his question.  He didn’t make a statement, he asked two questions.  Is it child abuse?  Might it be worse?  No statement of fact, just a couple of curious questions that are then expanded in the linked article.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Without religion, human society would not exist.  Religion is an extremely part of the development of human society.  The question implies that it is child abuse.  It is a fallacious question.  It is based on sophistry.

//Well, it’s true.  If you break the law, you may go to prison.  However, we don’t lock up children.  We understand that they make mistakes and need to learn.  Sure, there may be some form of punishment.  And yes, threatening a child with prison would be a form of child abuse, when it’s taken to extremes.  That is very different to the threat of eternal torture.  At least in prison you get parole.  We need rules in society to continue to work.  Hell and sin are human constructs that only serve to waste time and energy.  Getting caught for committing a crime as an adult has a real outcome.  Talking about hell and being persecuted for breaking rules you don’t fully understand or are aware of is abusive.///

Sacerdotus replies:

Yes, in some nations children are locked up.  In America, children of a certain age are sent to juvenile detention centers.  Where have you been?

Informing a child of the consequences of bad actions is not child abuse.  On the contrary, avoiding informing the child is abuse or negligence.  A child must learn what is right and wrong; what is acceptable and unacceptable in society.

Not everyone gets parole.  Ever heard of life sentences?

What is your evidence that hell and sin are human constructs?

///It’s wrong to hang a threat over the head of a child.  Either you behave or you’ll burn in hell for all eternity is.  The devil will push you into a lake of fire where there is gnashing of teeth.  You will be forever in pain, it will be unbelievably hot and you will never escape from it.  That’s what hell is, that’s a horrible, horrible thing to tell a child.  That’s child abuse. That’s an unjustifiable threat and different to saying ‘if you disobey me I will put you in your room for one hour’ . There is no hell.  At all.  Anywhere.///

Sacerdotus replies:

I know of no parent that threatens their children with hell.  They merely inform them of hell as a place or state where unrepentant souls suffer.

Many nursery rhymes have a moral behind them which is presented in a graphic manner or negative manner.

Telling a child that if they disobey you that they will be placed in a room isolated is basically a threat.  "Either you obey or else.."  That is basically it.  Isolation is one of the worse tortures for the human mind.  Human beings are relational/social beings that need others around them.

//Scabbydot has not bothered to read or understand the tweet or the link that was in the tweet from Dawkins.  If he did he would find this://

Sacerdotus replies:

I read it and it is fallacious.

//There’s a curious scientist, doing what he does.  He makes a really good point, and I too would be eager to read some reports on the relevant research.

The reaction from Scabbydot shows how little he bothers to follow the trail and comprehend before announcing how offended he is and demanding an apology.//

Sacerdotus replies:

He is not a psychologist and is speaking beyond his credentials.  No psychologist claims what he claims.  Look at the replies he has gotten from his own atheist brood!  They are clearly bothered by this nonsense he posted.

He needs to apologize for making insensitive remarks.


  1. The Catholic Church is the oldest institution on earth? Try Judaism and Hinduism. The Catholic Church brought science and medicine to the world? Try the Persian empire and Islam.

    Try the truth some time, and actual history versus stuff you just made up.

    The Catholic Church has many many wrongs to atone for before it can even think about putting itself on a pedestal and being the moral beacon it claims to be.

    Your homophobia is holding you (and others like you) back from fully participating in the glory of humanity.

    Love one another, as I have loved you, your god said. Judge not, he also said. Remember that, before casting stones and rocks at those who are validly angry at the hate you believe is love that comes from your mouth.

    1. Actually this is what I wrote "... oldest social structure in modern times" :) The religions you have mentioned never got to the point of success that the Catholic Church has gotten. We have our own country! Friar Bacon formulated the modern scientific method which is used today. Without it, we would not have had the many discoveries in science.

      Every thing I have written is verifiable at any library. I invite you to do so.

      The Catholic Church has done nothing wrong. People within the Church have. The distinction has to be made clear.

      I have no homophobia. IF I did, I would not confront the homosexual issue. The truth has to be spoken. Homosexuals are suffering in that lifestyle. The statistics don't lie.

      Yes we must love on another. Would you let your brother or sister sink in a life that has the highest rates of mental illness and STD infection? Is that humane? Would God approve of this?


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