Saturday, March 5, 2016

Atheist Author Michael Sherlock Afraid to Debate Sacerdotus

Many so called atheists out there love to make themselves appear as experts in many fields. They arrogantly parade themselves online believing to hold the answers that refute God and religion.  These believe they can stump any theist.

However, many of these have encountered me and ran off afraid to engage me in a debate. From 'Rosa Rubicondior' whose real name is Esther Harrison

to Dan Arel see:

to David Viviano see:

and others; these self-proclaimed 'experts' in atheism and 'leaders' of atheism have challenged me and ran off out of cowardice after experiencing what I am capable of.

Well we can add another charlatan to that list. His name is Michael Sherlock who portrays himself as an atheist author.

This time, he invited me to debate him. I usually invite atheists.

Here are the tweets he sent me:

I accepted the invitation and asked him to email me to set it up:

He even claimed that I would back out:

I told him that I do not back out and was waiting for him to contact me since he said he had free time during a semester:

I asked him to email me to set the debate up, he never did:

I pressed him on it asking if he got cold feet:

His reply showing his stalling:

I replied:

I press him to follow through with the debate again since February was approaching:

He replies again stalling making excuses:

Once again I press him to follow through with the debate:

He replies again stalling and making excuses:

I press him again to be professional and follow through:

Once again he stalls, makes excuses and resorts to ad hominem:

It is March 5th 2016 and no response from Michael Sherlock to set up the debate.  He wanted to debate me in February 2016!  Once again, another alleged atheist wanted to debate me and then runs away like a coward.  I asked him when, what time, asked him to email me to set it up and he stalls and makes excuses.  Finally, he attacks me saying I am rude just for following up on a debate he invited me to!  Go figure that one out!  

Michael Sherlock is clearly a coward and lacks the intellectual confidence to debate me.  He and other Atheists know that they cannot defeat me in a debate.  I know their arguments better than they do as a former atheist; how to refute them and have degrees in the sciences and philosophy.  

We have another one to add to the list who is afraid to debate me. You do not need 'Sherlock' to know that this guy is scared of me.  :-)

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