Friday, September 13, 2019

'BlackFace' Colorado Students

It is Friday the 13th, so why not start the day with some strange news? 

The triggered are out in force again. Someone posted on Facebook a photo of Caucasian college kids with "blackface." Immediately, claims of racism and whatnot were thrown around on the post.

 "Blackface" was used a century ago in movies and other plays to portray African Americans. Some take offense to this portrayal and call it hate or racism, others consider it satire or free speech.

Some have contacted Colorado State University calling for the students to be expelled. However, Colorado State University said that they will not punish the students because the students are in their right to do this under the first amendment. A year ago, Megyn Kelly was fired from her NBC Today show after making comments defending Halloween costumes that portrayed "blackface."

Political correctness is on the prowl again. Whatever happened to Oscar Wilde's words: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness?"

I understand some get offended by this. Who likes to be made fun of? Context is key. Were these kids looking to be racist and make fun of African Americans or were they just being silly college kids imitating the Black Panther theme? I posted this comment on the Facebook post where the image originated from in the media and the Facebook profile deleted it.

This tells me the profile is just looking to race bait. I advise all to just report the post as hate and false news. These kinds of posts only look to create trouble and draw attention.  It is not surprising that the post comes from a socialist Democrat looking to start a political career at the high school level.  His Instagram account is full of the typical nonsensical ideas that are pushed as "progress;" namely, bathrooms.  Note how he found my comment offensive which actually deals with progress.   Are not starvation, the homeless, opioid epidemic etc not "progressive issues?"   

Perhaps the Caucasian students in the photo should file a lawsuit against this person or whoever post their image on social media with the narrative that they are racists.  This is libel and dangerous. Those kids could be targeted now by fanatics out there looking to hurt or kill someone. 


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