Thursday, September 12, 2019

ABC Democratic Debate

Tonight was the third Democratic debate held at Houston, Texas and aired on ABC. It was an interesting debate. Not interesting in that anything impressive happened, but interesting in the fact that the debate showed more how democrats are divided than anything else. It is clear that the Democrats really do not have any clear platform or direction from which their candidate is to stand upon.  We witnessed pretty much an in-fighting between the establishment candidates and the newer progressive insurgent faction. 

Many are saying that both Biden and Warren won, but I think Biden deserves the title.  While Warren did good and held her ground by directing herself solely at voters and not engaging in a debacle with moderators and opponents, Biden was largely the target.  Despite being the target, he too held his own and ignored baits from the likes of Castro who at one point made some indirect shots at his age. This caused the political world to frown upon him calling him disrespectful and dirty. 

At one point of the debate, Castro became aggressive with Biden questioning him on previous comments on healthcare and insinuating that the former vice president is suffering from memory loss. Castro was clearly targeting Biden on reports that the former vice president is too old and is showing signs of forgetfulness. Again, many felt this was a low blow by Castro which hurt his performance. He came across as a condescending bully targeting an elderly man. 

Buttigieg himself was targeted by Castro when the former tried to remind all present that they are all on the same team. Castro replied that this is an election.  In other words, it is cut-throat, not a "kumba ya" scenario. Nevertheless, Buttigieg engaged his audience with his ideas and pretty much ran on his record and personal story. His argument was more emotional than substantial or relevant, politically speaking.  Harris focused on Trump using the movie "The Wizard of Oz" to attack him. She too echoed her previous ideas but failed to supplant them with details as to how she would implement them.  Klobuchar like Buttigieg relied on personal stories to present her case.  She spoke about fighting for longer hospital stays for new mothers which inspired her to run for public office.  Booker took the easy road trying not to cause drama or offend anyone on the stage while relying on his record to make his argument as to why he should be the next president. 

O'Rourke took a stronger stance in regards to gun control by publicly stating that he would take away assault weapons from citizens. This most likely killed his candidacy as many Americans are fond of the second amendment on both party lines.  Sanders came across as an angry grandpa in many of the exchanges, particularly with Biden on healthcare and insurance plans. His ideas were attacked as being radical and expensive. Finally, Yang started the debate by claiming that he will pay 10 families 1,000 dollars a month for a year to prove that his idea of adding an "American stipend" of 1,000 a month will work. This brought about many concerns about the legality of such a proposal. Yang used Asian stereotypes and used jokes which did not hit on target and offended many, I would assume the Asian community.  It seems his candidacy will be over soon unless voters are intrigued enough about his 1,000 salary idea.

An interesting moment of the debate was when Univision Mexican and atheist anchor, Jorge Ramos questioned the candidates on the democratic hypocrisy regarding illegal immigration. He focused more on Biden on this topic due to the fact that under President Obama, more illegals were deported than under any other presidency, including the current one.   

Ironically, many on social media are calling President Donald Trump the winner due to the erratic performances by each candidate of the democratic party.  What do you think? Share your comments below on disqus.  Be sure to follow comment guidelines. 


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