Thursday, March 9, 2017

When We Rise...Yet Fall In Ratings

As many of you know, ABC aired a miniseries special on the LGBT agenda and how it rose to power.  The series was entitled "When We Rise."  It is partially based on gay activist and AIDS quilt creator Cleve Jones' book by the same name.  The intention of the series was clearly propaganda, however, it also served as a history lesson from the view point of the activists featured in the series. ABC anticipated the series to be a success in light of the up-rise in support for homosexuals. The anticipation fell short.  According to reports, "When We Rise" was a failure.  The ratings were abysmal.

Not many people tuned in to watch this pro-LGBT series.  Some are blaming the LGBT community itself for the failure.  I have mixed feelings over the series's failure. On one hand, I am happy many did not get this propaganda pounded into their brains; however, on the other hand, it is unfortunate that not many got to learn the history. Whether or not we agree with the LGBT agenda, we must acknowledge that the events surrounding "When We Rise" are history. They are part of our American History.

Real life Roma Guy, Ken Jones and Cleve Jones

The series also highlights what those in the LGBT community had to deal with. Surprisingly enough, the series honestly portrayed the AIDS epidemic as originating from the LGBT community.  The consequence of promiscuity and selfishness is presented well. Cleve Jones infects his partner Riccardo with HIV.  He never warned him before having sexual contact. Riccardo later commits suicide. Similarly, Ken Jones and his partner are revealed to have HIV after living a life of promiscuity at the bath houses and clubs. The hypocrisy of the radical feminist movement is presented well in the portrayal of Roman Guy.  Moreover, we see the discrimination Ken Jones faced for being black and gay, as well as, the problems of getting with a partner and depending on him/her not knowing what will happen when he/she passes away.  Jones is evicted from the home he shared with his partner after his partner died of HIV. He then turned to a life of addiction and depression because of the gay lifestyle.

I give the series a B+.  Austin Mckenzie and his portrayal of young Cleve was amazing. He even looked like him!  The other actors as well did a phenomenal job playing their characters.  They took us back to the moments presented, literally.  As an academic and Catholic, I cannot ignore the historical value of the series nor the suffering the LGBT endured and still endure. This series highlighted this well (though there were many inaccuracies, historically speaking; and artistic license was used) and should remind us that we have to hate the sin, but love the sinner. This miniseries makes me condemn the homosexual lifestyle even more after seeing the negative impact it has had on so many people. Cleve Jones, Roma Guy, Ken Jones and others are heroes in their own respect. They fought for the respect of others. Whether or not we agree with what they fought for, we must respect their courage and determination.

"When We Rise" may have been a failure, but the events it represented were clearly successful.


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