Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Puerto Rico Eliminates Netherlands: Moves To Championship!

In a nail biting elimination game, Puerto Rico has once again come out as victorious. Puerto Rico was facing the Netherlands.

At the beginning, the game was strange. Netherland's Profar would get a single and then get taken out after he was facing the dugout and not paying attention. Molina took him out easily. Then another batter ran to first on ball 3 as Puerto Rican pitcher Hector Santiago signaled with three fingers and eventually taking the batter out. The Netherlands then had a lead with 2 in the beginning but Puerto Rico would come back to tie it with a homer by Correa and then a hit by Rivera making it 3-2 giving Puerto Rico the lead. Javy Baez would steal the show with an amazing slide. He appeared to be out and was called out.

However, he showed for a review and got it. After a review, one can see Javy move like Neo in the Matrix avoiding the tag. He seemed to have defied the laws of physics! Later on, a brawl seemed imminent when Puerto Rican pitcher Diaz threw a pitch too close to Balentien's head of the Netherlands. Balentien made a gesture not to hit him in the head in an attempt to intimidate Diaz. However, Diaz was unmoved. Javy Baez was showing making gestures mocking and dismissing the Netherlands' team.

Diaz would then strike out Balentien and the next batter leaving them dismayed and in shock. The game went to the 11th inning and special rules came into place. Each team would be allowed to start with two runners on base. The Netherlands started the inning, but failed to make any runs. A run would determine the winner. It was then the Puerto Ricans' turn to bat and they did it! The scoring run came in and Puerto Rico defeated the Netherlands moving on to the championship game which will be held on Wednesday against either Japan or the United States. Team Puerto Rico made an amazing gesture. The entire team knelt in a circular manner and prayed. It is no wonder why this team has succeeded in the way they have. God has blessed them!

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