Monday, June 1, 2015

Introducing "Caitlyn Jenner" WTF!?

Just when you think the world is disturbing enough, something seems to always top the previous disturbance.  Former athlete Bruce Jenner had informed the world over a month ago of his "transition" from a man to a woman. He vowed to present the finished product, well not the time has come.

Jenner will be featured on the July cover of "Vanity Fair" as "Caitlyn Jenner."  In the magazine and interview is included along with photos of his "transformation."  Immediately, the social network world lit up retweeting his tweets and causing "Caitlyn Jenner" to trend in second place for quite some time. Sadly, an advancement was made in regards to brain cancer and it did not get that much publicity.  This goes to show you how messed up our world is that it prefers to give attention to someone with Gender Dysphoria Disorder rather than scientific advancements related to cancer.

The trend with "Caitlyn Jenner" was flooded with support tweets as well as those criticizing the transformation and the publicity given to it. I myself gave my dollar and change and was met by a few trolls attacking religion and what not.

We are seeing the rotten fruit of relativism as it takes form under the guise of "Gender Theory."  This "theory" posits that gender is simply a social construct.  In other words, societies create labels that are not essential or innate in a person.  So a "male" and "female" can be anything society wants it to be rather than words describing the natural observations regarding differences in genitals and other bodily difference.  Nevermind that genetics clearly distinguish human beings as male and female using the XY and XX chromosomes.  It is sad that even science is not immune from this so-called theory which pushes basic biological knowledge aside in favor of inflating the human ego into thinking it is the sole ruler.

As expected, many celebrities came out in support of Jenner; however, one named Drake Bell came under fire for tweeting that he will still refer to "Caitlyn Jenner" as Bruce and will use the pronouns "he/him/his" to refer to him.  Bell's twitter feed was flooded with personal attacks, calls for his death and other nasty remarks. There goes freedom of speech...  It is scary how this has captured the attention of many people.  They really believe this is okay.  I have nothing against Bruce Jenner, but as a Christian and fellow human I am concerned for him.  Gender Dysphoria Disorder is not something we should cater to.  Moreover, this opens up the door for bathrooms where anyone can enter claiming they are of the opposite gender in their psyches!  A man can claim he is really a woman and enter a woman's bathroom where other women and possibly young girls are doing their business.  It is just scary to think of it.  Then there is the setting aside of an important part of human language, pronouns.  We will be forced to stop using them because it may "offend" someone.  I for one will still refer to transgendered people using the proper pronoun that reflects their real natural biological sex.  As a Christian, I cannot lie.  Calling a woman a man and vice-versa would be a deception.   We must pray for Bruce Jenner and all those suffering from Gender Dysphoria Disorder. The world is confused.  Next they will force this confusion on us...



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