Monday, September 22, 2014

Teen, Oral Sex & Jesus

Sometimes you think you have heard it all, but guess again...

A disturbed Pennsylvania teen is facing possibly two years in juvenile jail for desecrating a sacred object.  The 14 year old jumped upon a statue of Jesus praying at Gethsemane outside the headquarters of the "Love in the Name of Christ" Christian organization and began making sexual motions simulating oral sex with the statue.

Yes, you read that right.  This kid climbed on the statue of Jesus, put his crotch bulge over the face and started rocking back and forth as if the statue were performing oral sex on him.  A friend of this teen took photos and posted them on Facebook where the photos went viral eventually leading to the police being contacted. The teen was arrested and charged with the desecration of a venerated object.

Unfortunately, many on the Huffington post and other news outlets are voicing outrage over the possible jail time the teen may receive. They are excusing it as a "prank" or "boys will be boys" thing.  Seriously?  This kid is obviously mentally disturbed.  Antisocial behavior is one of the signs of mental illness. This was no prank or a "boy being a boy." What boy will be performing oral sex on a statue or anyone else?  This is not a "boy" thing. This goes to show how warped our society has gotten. They do not realize that this is a desecration of a venerated object and is religious hate. Imagine if we start calling Swastikas painted on Jewish homes or Temples "pranks" or a case of "boys being boys."  I seriously doubt they will not call it this and will say it is hate.

The fact that this boy, only 14 is simulating sexual acts shows how desensitized our youth have become.  Sex is presented to them via music, video games, movies, shows, the internet, sex ed etc. Then we wonder why teen pregnancy is an issue, kids are raping and molesting one another, the cases of teachers having sex with kids is rising, etc etc etc. Our society is becoming immoral and if we do not do something fast, it will only get worse.

In my opinion, this teen should be sentenced for the 2 years so he can learn his lesson and be an example to any other teens or adults out there who may be thinking of doing this as well.  If the kid gets off free, then this will encourage others to do the same or worse. The law must set an example that religious hate and the desecration of a venerated object must not be tolerated.

Ironically, this statue is a depiction of Jesus praying at the Garden of Gethsemane where He cried tears of blood because of the reality that He was about to suffer for the sins of humanity.


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