Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Ray Rice

Ravens NFL player Ray Rice is in a lot of trouble after a new video surfaced showing him punching the living daylights out of his then fiance Janay Palmer.  Rice was suspended for two days by the NFL, however, the new video got him completely terminated from the Ravens organization.

The news is bringing a spotlight on the NFL and its commissioner Roger Goddell who claims he had not seen this new video.  Previous videos showed Rice dragging the unconscious body of Janay Palmer out of an elevator.  

No one was really sure what had happened until TMZ released the second video showing Rice punching Palmer on her right jaw immediately knock her out.  The momentum pushed her sideways forcing her to smash her left side on the elevator hand rail.

This news is just sickening.  As a male, I remember being told it wasn't "manly" to hit women.  However in college, feminist liberal professors told us women must be treated equal and that suggesting that a man cannot hit a woman is indirectly stating that women are weak.  This argument does make sense if we want to believe men and women are equal.  However, men and woman are not identical.  Biologically speaking, men are physically stronger than women.  This doesn't mean a woman can't kick a man's behind, but it does reflect the cliche of why boys shouldn't hit girls.  Women have less muscle mass then men.  This is due to evolution where the male was the one hunting while the woman gathered the goods and cared for children.

This situation warrants even more attention to the cliche not to hit girls because Ray Rice is no
scrawny man.  The guy is extremely muscular and is used to playing with big men in the NFL. Being that he is so muscular and hunky, I can't even imagine the force that was applied to Janay's face.

He could have killed her with that punch which probably could have easily knocked out a male, even one bigger than Ray Rice.  I don't care how much weights a female bodybuilder lifts, but she will not be able to handle football player size men.  It is just not biologically possible.

Ray Rice should have known better and kept his cool, so to speak.  There is no reason whatsoever to hit a woman, more less punch her as if she were a punching bag.  Naturally, a man has the right to self defense, but when the attacker is a woman, most likely the man can restrain her or better yet, just call the cops!  The Twitter world took on the story quickly with some making comical memes using Solange and Ray Rice.  Solange is Beyonce's sister who was also captured on an elevator camera hitting her husband "Jay Z."  At one point, the hashtag "#WhyIStayed" was trending where users tweeted comical tweets as to why Janay Palmer stayed in the relationship with Ray Rice.  It is sad that these people take such a serious situation and poke fun at it.  Domestic violence is no laughing matter.  People get hurt, some even get killed!  If children are present, they are also effected.

The story also brings up another issue regarding privacy.  Should our employers punish us for what we do in our private lives?  This is the million dollar question of today where so much is captured on public cameras and on social networks.  Ray Rice deserves to be punished yes, but by the police and legal system.  Suspending him and taking away his commercial contracts does nothing.  Ray Rice needs to be in jail and given anger management courses.  I'm sure in prison some bigger inmates may want to make an example of him.

If you are in an abusive relationship or know someone who is, please inform the police.  As Christians we are called to forgive, but in many cases situations involving domestic abuse are due to mental health issues and these need professional attention.      

SEE: http://www.helpguide.org/mental/domestic_violence_abuse_types_signs_causes_effects.htm








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