Thursday, December 27, 2012


Let God Be There

"LGBT" is an acronym that lists the different categories of identities within the homosexual umbrella - Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transsexual.  However, I want to transform it into something better.


I invite my brothers and sisters in the homosexual community to allow God to work in their lives.  Unfortunately, there is a bit of animosity between the LGBT community and what they are told God is.  The Old Testament does have harsh words regarding homosexual behavior.  Catholicism and other Christians speak out against homosexuality with such fervor that we are sometimes looked upon as bigots of hateful people.

In reality, we are neither   We are merely calling all to live in accordance with the natural law which is ordained by God.  The Catholic Church teaches that homosexual feelings are not a sin.  It is a sin when they are acted upon.  We still do not know what exactly causes some to be homosexuals.  Psychologists are stuck on the issue and feel it is a combination of nature and nurture.  No homosexual gene has been discovered and for the most part, a homosexual's brain is pretty much the same as a heterosexual's in regards to function.

In any event, homosexuals are not strange or evil people.  Yes, some may act a bit strange or may be different - we all are different.  This does not give anyone the right to bully them or attack them in any shape or form.  They are God's children.  Jesus died for them and opens His heart to them as He would anyone else.

We as believers in God must attack the behavior, not the people.   Homosexuality is not a sentence to hell, but can be an opportunity for grace.  The Catholic Church calls all to chastity, including married couples.  This may seem hard, but it is not impossible.  One of our greatest minds and saints, St. Augustine of Hippo said in his Confessions, "Lord make me chaste - but not yet!"

Our sexuality is important and is very powerful.  How else can human beings reproduce if they cannot even get close to a partner?  This is why sexual drive is so powerful in us.  It stems from the "be fruitful and multiply" command of God.  However, we should not be the sum of our sexuality.  Our sexual drive should not define us or control us.  This is why we have intellect, conscience, will and reason.

God is the designer of our bodies.  Only He knows how to work them and control them that is why we must pray to God to help us whenever we are tempted to do unchaste things.

Unfortunately, those homosexuals who "come out" and show no remorse for their actions become slaves to their sexuality.  They categorize each other as "tops, bottoms, versatiles."  They are no longer persons, but instruments of sexual gratification.  They categorize themselves as "fems, butch, twinks, bears."  They are no longer persons, but objects that one can pick and choose based on one's desires.

God intended more for homosexuals than what they do among themselves.  Unfortunately, sexual desires can be so strong that it can blind one from seeing God's plan and the dignity of oneself and of others.

It is not the end of the world.  Prayer can help.  Let God BThere my gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transsexual brothers and sisters.  He will help you in life.  He will answer your question: Why am I this way?
He will help you to discover your true self so that you can take charge of your life and not be the sum of your sexuality.

Gay people are not "tops, bottoms, versatiles, fems, butch, twinks or bears;"  they are not objects for others to enjoy sexually.  They are human beings worthy of love, respect and dignity.  They are God's children who are in the same struggle as everyone else.

The LGBT might seem to be a lost sinful case, but that is not so:  "...where sin increased, grace increased all the more." Romans 5:20

Let God Be There!



  1. That's right. Gay people are worthy of love respect and dignity and homosexuality is not all about sex. Its about love and identity too and hopefully they will soon have the right to marry. It is interesting you and the catholic church represent the 'behaviour' of gay people as something immoral and keep going on about gay sex and gay people being driven by sex when what gay people as a group want most at the moment is to get married and celebrate their love and commitment! It's truly bizarre.

    However, most of we humanists recognise we cannot change the way you think. Just remember - if you have a god which bans gay sex it means you cannot have gay sex. Leave everybody else alone.

    1. Marriage must be open to new life. Homosexual couples cannot accomplish this. Not all that we call "love" is moral. If a father falls in love with his daughter, is this moral? If someone falls in love with an animal, is this moral? Love is restricted to one's relational status. The LGBT community presents itself more as a hedonistic lifestyle than one seeking love in stable relationships.

      Gay sex is not natural; hence the many infections and injuries due to it. It is a perversion of the normative means of production.

  2. How do you view the fact that there is homosexuality in the animal world, beyond humans?

  3. What are your views on the homosexuality present in the animal kingdom, beyond humans?

    1. My view is this: Homosexuality is against the natural law. The natural law is only applicable to creatures/animals who have rational capacity (humans). Non-human animals do not have this capacity and function via instinctual conditioning. As human beings, we are not supposed to imitate the behavior of other species. We have reason and conscience. Remember, some non-human animals eat their young. Should we imitate that behavior or validate it among human beings solely because it exists elsewhere in the animal kingdom?

  4. @deconverter here. Should couples who cannot have children (create new life) be allowed to marry?

    1. As long as the marital embrace is there and the intent to procreate is there despite problems with fertility, then there is nothing wrong. The Catechism states:

      1654 Spouses to whom God has not granted children can nevertheless have a conjugal life full of meaning, in both human and Christian terms. Their marriage can radiate a fruitfulness of charity, of hospitality, and of sacrifice.

  5. God the redeemer of the world created Man, he saw that man was Lonely and needed a helper and he put the man to sleep and made a woman, if God had wanted a man to marry his fellow man, he could have created two men and two women separately, but instead he created a man and a woman, Sodomites always underate the laws of God, but God is God and at the right time we will all acount for the numerous evil we have comitted. God help us all.

    1. Then why did he put the female means of orgasm around the near end of the vagina, the male's partly in the anus, the two divergent in personality, and so many of each attracted to the same, throughout nature? That wasn't helping us, was it?

      It is peculiar how you lot always focus on male homosexuality as a problem. It's as though women are not considered proper moral agents, or that there's just something that really frustrates you whenever the notion of anal sex comes to mind.

    2. Actually you are mistaken. They are not in the areas you claim and neurologically speaking, orgasms, pain or any sensation takes place in the brain, not the actual location that we perceive it at. I am not focusing solely on homosexual men, I did mention lesbians. Moreover, this is one of the many posts in this series - more is to come. Yes, I do get frustrated when biology is twisted around in order to appease hedonism. That is indeed frustrating since I like truth and am an academic.


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