Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sacerdotus named to Top Atheist & Philosophy Blogs Category!

I was just notified the other day via email by Anuj Agarwal the founder of Feedspot that my site has been named in the top 100 Catholic blogs (see:  He emailed me twice today again stating that my site has been listed in the Top 100 for Philosophy and Top 30 for Atheism. 

This is good news and shows that this ministry has become popular through the grace of God.  I am extremely grateful to Anuj Agarwal, Feedspot and all my supporters who visit my content and donate.   I will place the virtual medals/badges on my site in honor of God, Our Lady, St. Michael, the Saints and all my supporters.

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Time to Grow up! Toy'R'Us Closing

Since the fall, the famed toys store Toys 'R' Us has been on the news due to bankruptcy. After the holiday, executives at the big box store thought things would be better.  However, this did not happen. Last week, rumors were circling social media that the big toy store would close all its stores. That week is now upon us and according to the Wall Street Journal, an official said that employees were informed about the demise of Toys 'R' Us. This official said that employees were told that all stores in the United States of America will close and that there will be liquidation sales posted.  The official Twitter account has not tweeted any announcement nor has there been any official statement to the press.  The Twitter account posted a tweet last week stating that all stores are open for business.

So far, the news is that the big toy store will be closing for good. Many blame Amazon, Target and Walmart for the failure of Toys 'R' Us. Others blame the big salaries chief executives collect. In any event, we live in a time where brick and mortar stores have been suffering greatly. Online sales are more popular.  No one wants to go out to shop anymore, especially younger Americans.  Everything is at one's fingertips on a cell phone or tablet these days. Moreover, the experience of shopping in store is not always so pleasant. Stores are often crowded with long lines at the check out. Prices are also an issue. Toys 'R' Us often sold toys at very high prices.  However, they do match prices with other stores. Then there is the unprofessionalism from employees.  Take this experience from one of my followers on Twitter who complained to Toys 'R' Us about an rude and unprofessional employee:

With this kind of experience, who would want to shop here?  In any event, the store will be missed.  I have many memories as a child going there, as well as, going there with my nephew and niece and watching their faces light up.  Hopefully, this report is just hearsay and the store will thrive or be bought by another company who knows how to manage a business in this new era of business.  Over 30, 000 jobs are at stake.  If not, then it is time for all of us to finally grow up and become neurotic and miserable adults in this crazy society. 

UPDATE March 16, 2018:

It seems that it is true that Toys 'R' Us is going out of business. I found these tweets from their accounts which shows that they are preparing to close.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Physicist Stephen Hawking dead at 76

I am sad to report that one of my idols has passed away. Dr. Stephen Hawking, the famed physicist who has been honored in many movies and television programs such as Star Trek the Next Generation died at the age of 76.  This news has hit me hard inside. I am truly devastated. Since I was a kid, I admired Dr. Hawking.  I even use the voice from his wheelchair computer for the intro on my radio podcast show.

Not only was he brilliant, but his strength inspired me. He was a man who was disabled due to motor neurone disease which developed since he was 21 years old. This did not stop him. In his body which became nearly frozen due to the disease, was a brilliant mind that never gave up.  He was an example to us all in a world which seems disabilities as a weakness and undeserving of life. Hawking was recently featured on Dr. Neil degrasse Tyson's Star Talk television broadcast for his work and expertise regarding Black Holes.

His family issued this statement:

“We are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today.

He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years.

His courage and persistence with his brilliance and humour inspired people across the world.

He once said, ‘It would not be much of a universe if it wasn’t home to the people you love.’ We will miss him for ever.”

Hawking at one time believed in God, but eventually led himself astray due to materialism.  He wrote in his popular book  A Brief History of Time, "Why does the Universe exist? If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason - for then we would know the mind of God."  There will be those fanatics who will condemn him to hell or celebrate his death. This is not the Christian way.  We do not know what happened during his last moments.   

Hopefully he asked God for forgiveness in his last breath. God is merciful. Now Dr. Hawking knows that God truly exists. Now he truly knows the mysteries of the universe.  He met Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI and Francis and was also a member of the Pontifical Academy of Science. 

Thank you Dr. Stephen Hawking for inspiring me to study physics.  Thank you for inspiring me and many others by showing that disabilities are not an obstacle in life.  God has a sense of humor. Hawking dies on "pi day" 3/14 which is also Albert Einstein's birthday!  May God rest your soul. Rest in peace!


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sacerdotus Named in Top 100 Catholic Blogs!

I was just notified via email by Anuj Agarwal the founder of Feedspot that my site has been named in the top 100 Catholic blogs. This is good news and shows that this ministry has become popular through the grace of God.  I am extremely grateful to Anuj Agarwal, Feedspot and all my supporters who visit my content and donate.   I will place the virtual medal on my site in honor of God, Our Lady, St. Michael, the Saints and all my supporters.

Please continue to support Sacerdotus' ministry by visiting and donating at the Pay Pal button found here and  Without your help, we cannot continue this ministry and expand it.  

Monday, March 12, 2018

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI Defends Pope Francis

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has defended Pope Francis from attacks from those who call themselves "Traditionalists" or "conservative Catholics." In a letter to Monsignor Dario Vigano who is the prefect of the Secretariate from Communications, the pope emeritus described the criticism of Pope Francis as "foolish/stupid prejudice" from those who see Pope Francis as "just a practical man without particular theological or philosophical formation."

It is interesting to note that the pope emeritus criticized himself by writing, "while I have been only a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete life of a Christian today."

The pope emeritus wrote the letter in regards to 11 short books on The Theology of Pope Francis. The letter was translated here by NCRegister Journalist, Edward Pentin:

Rev, Mons. Dario Edoardo ViganĂ²
Prefect, Secretariat for Communication

Vatican City

February 9, 2018

Rev. Monsignor;

Thank you for your kind letter of 12 January and the attached gift of the eleven small volumes edited by Roberto Repole.

I applaud this initiative that wants to oppose and react to the foolish prejudice in which Pope Francis is just a practical man without particular theological or philosophical formation, while I have been only a theorist of theology with little understanding of the concrete life of a Christian today.

The small volumes show, rightly, that Pope Francis is a man of profound philosophical and theological formation, and they therefore help to see the inner continuity between the two pontificates, despite all the differences of style and temperament.

However, I don’t feel like writing a short and dense theological passage on them because throughout my life it has always been clear that I would write and express myself only on books I had read really well. Unfortunately, if only for physical reasons, I am unable to read the eleven volumes in the near future, especially as other commitments await me that I have already made.

I am sure you will understand and cordially greet you.


Benedict XVI


This letter by pope emeritus is significant in that he criticizes the discontent, slander and even hate which has been propagated by those who call themselves "traditionalists" or "conservative Catholics." Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has been seen as a leader and staunch defender of external traditions among the aforementioned.  The letter comes as a shock to those who feel Pope Benedict was a better pope than Pope Francis.

On social media, one can spot these Catholics by the way they attack Pope Francis or refuse to honor his title. They call him Bergoglio or simply Francis in an attempt to avoid calling him Pope or acknowledge him as the successor of Peter. Some have even made themselves part of the College of Cardinals by calling the pope a "heretic." Lay people have no such authority.  So-called "Father Z," a rogue diocesan priest who blogs for a living even endorsed praying for Pope Francis' death.  An anonymous author even wrote a libelous book entitled "Dictator Pope."  The hate for Pope Francis is real and is unhealthy both psychologically and spiritually.  

Pope Benedict XVI has confirmed in his letter that there is no disconnect between both pontificates despite "differences in style and temperament."  We see in the letter that the pope emeritus does not see the current pope as a heretic of a dissident.  If Pope Francis was truly a heretic or dissident to the faith, I doubt Pope Benedict XVI would have said that his pontificate and that of Pope Francis are linked in inner or interior continuity.  That would have tarnished his own papacy.

The news of this letter comes as a recent survey was released showing that American Catholics who identify as "conservative" are not fond of Pope Francis and are concerned that he is changing Church teachings. These claims are based on a poor understanding of Church documents, how the Church works and paranoia. In reality, pastoral practice is what is evolving not doctrine.

I am glad that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has made this statement and has classified the criticism against Pope Francis as "stupid or foolish prejudice."  This is exactly what it is. Some people simply do not like Pope Francis. They remind me of the Pharisees who hated Jesus for presenting God in a more merciful manner instead of like a cold mechanical religious concept.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has shown that he is a class act, a true pastor. I disagree with his self-deprecation.  He truly does understand the Christian life today and how to be a pastor. His book "Introduction to Christianity" was very instrumental in my conversion from atheism.  We see how this man is truly a humble man despite attacks from liberals who criticized him for his deference for Liturgy and Liturgical regalia.

This site and its media content will always be loyal and supportive of both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis.

Update March 14, 2018:

According to the AP (, the Vatican doctored the photo of the letter by blurring the lines that stated that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI did not read the 11 books.  Some are already crying conspiracy over this. However, I have found nothing directly from the Vatican making such a statement.  Ironically the source was made by: "A Vatican spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity."  I think we can pretty much dismiss this story from the AP.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Puerto Rican Suicides Skyrocket

According to a report, the number of suicides in Puerto Rico has skyrocketed. Over 200 have committed suicide in 2017 after Hurricane Maria devastated the tropical island. Each day, several Puerto Ricans are committing suicide. Calls to suicide hotlines have increased dramatically.  People are finding themselves hopeless despite many a goods being sent to the island on a daily basis.

Millions of dollars and goods have been collected in the months following the hurricane. However, some Puerto Ricans still find themselves in great need. Many of their homes were obliterated by the strong storm. To date, electricity and clean running water are no longer accessible to many on the island.

The lack of basic necessities and living conditions that rival those of the 1800's has caused many Puerto Ricans on the island to reach breaking points. More needs to be done to address the needs of those on the island, including psychological and spiritual ones. Catholic bishops in Puerto Rico must do more to reach out to the people and remind them that they are not abandoned. The situation is sad and must be addressed. Puerto Ricans are American citizens as well despite their island having the title of Commonwealth.

This situation should remind us also how depending on "modern" things is not good. Puerto Ricans have lived off the land since the founding of the nation by Spain. To think that Puerto Ricans are so dependent on manufactured goods is unfortunate. Their ancestors would have simply lived off the land, purified water using simple means and rebuild their humble homes.  In any event, we must help the Puerto Rican people.  Calling hotlines is not enough.



Thursday, March 8, 2018

Kim Jong Un & Donald Trump to Meet in May

In a surprisingly turn of events, it was just announced that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald J. Trump are planning to meet. Earlier today, Trump stated that there would be a big announcement by South Korean officials visiting Washington. Many speculated as to what the announcement would be. Days before, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met with leaders of South Korea and seemed jovial. News outlets reported that he seemed to have decided to change course.

South Korean officials announced that Kim Jong Un wanted to meet and talk with the current US president. The talks will involve denuclearization. Trump agreed to meet with him sometime in May. In the meantime, North Korean will be suspending its nuclear missile tests. Talks schedule for May will be geared towards reaching an agreement to end North Korea's nuclear program and ease sanctions placed against the nation by the United States of America, China and other nations.

It seems as if the sanctions have been working alongside the "tough-talk" by President Trump. Trump tweeted this on his personal twitter account:

Many are asking the president to be cautious with Kim Jong Un. North Korea has engaged in this kind of conduct in the past only to back away from any talks. Others are upset with Trump for giving legitamacy to Kim Jong Un's regime. Only time will tell what will happen and if anything good will come out of the planned talks. There are also security concerns. The Secret Service will have their hands busy, so to speak if this meeting takes place. It is possible that North Korea may try to assasinate the president.



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