Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Triggered Art Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Attacks Pro-Life Students at Hunter College, CUNY

On May 2, 2023, there was an incident with an adjunct art professor of Puerto Rican descent who works at Hunter College. Her name is Shellyne Rodriguez. Rodriguez confronts students with a table containing pro-life pamphlets and what looks to be some sort of a display. She engages the students accusing them of spreading propaganda and not educating. She then asks if anti-trans is next, presumably meaning if the next table content on another occasion will contain material on this. 

The young Caucasian male responds correcting her on why they are there, namely, to talk about abortion. She said they are triggering her students and that the material is violent and calls it bulls*%t. Rodriguez continues to berate the young man telling him that he cannot even have a baby and that he does not know what that is about. 

She then hurls more vulgar expressions before vandalizing their display by shoving it aside and pushing away the pamphlets. Rodriguez then storms away in anger. The two young students look offended and quickly begin to clean up the mess the professor made. The video went viral on May 19, 2023, on the Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok accounts of Students For Life:

@studentsforlife PROFESSOR GONE WILD: Pro-abortion professor Professor Shellyne Rodriquez curses at pro-life students and vandalizes table at Hunter College. #prolife #abortion #huntercollege #cuny #libsoftiktok #intolerance #intolerant #thetolerantleft #conservative #christiantiktok ♬ original sound - Students for Life


The video was even posted on the Twitter account "ClownWorld" which showcases antics by the left:


This led to several comments being posted criticizing Shellyne's actions, attacking her behavior and appearance, and calling for her suspension or termination from Hunter College, CUNY.


Some anti-life supporters and groups came out in defense of Shellyne and are attacking the Students For Life organization calling them a threat and other derogatory terms.


A few others began to circulate a Google doc form giving an account of what happened and asking for petitions supporting Shellyne. Here is the link:



Shellyne Rodriguez works at Hunter College of the CUNY as an adjunct professor of Art. An adjunct professor is not full-time or tenured. He or she works on a contractual basis for a few semesters or more and then will be released. It is unknown if Rodriguez has a doctoral degree or is working on one at the CUNY Graduate Center which employs students as adjunct professors. A Wikipedia article states of her the following "Rodriguez graduated with a BFA in Visual & Critical Studies from the School of Visual Arts in 2011 and an MFA in Fine Art from CUNY Hunter College in 2014." Her art has been displayed at the Bronx Museum, as well as the Museum of El Barrio. She has her own website which displays her work and CV. On another website, she is described as "LatinX." A tweet from someone who has met her at a tenant association meeting in the Bronx describes her in this manner:



As stated, there are calls to cancel her. Many have stormed CUNY, Hunter College demanding that she be fired or suspended. Others are sending hate mail to her according to the petition supporting her actions. According to this tweet, she has a sister named Sunshine Jenkins who lives in the Bronx and runs a Daycare called Sunshine Little Achievers on Clinton Avenue in the Bronx.



It is clear that Rodriguez's actions have angered many and rightfully so. She is an adjunct professor and should know how to be professional. Professors need to have a special decorum on and off campus in order to be taken seriously as academicians, scholars, and experts in their respective fields. Colleges and universities are supposed to be safe spaces for differing views and overall free thinking. To call pro-life rhetoric "bulls***," "violent" and so on is just ridiculous. The audacity to think that only pro-death pro-abortion advocates have free speech on campus is even more ridiculous. 

Moreover, Rodriguez asks if the content on the table the next till will be anti-trans, but then goes on to say to the young male that he cannot have a baby. This contradicts the rhetoric that transwomen despite being biologically male can be "pregnant persons" or even menstruate. Her statement acknowledges the biological fact that men cannot have babies. Moreover, she calls pro-life content violence but proceeds to be violent with the students by knocking over their display and pushing their pamphlets on the table making a mess of them. 

Shellyne Rodriguez claims her students were triggered, but none of them came up in the video complaining as she did. It is clear that she was the one that had the problem and was triggered.  Her petulant display of anger is unbecoming of a college professor.  She came across as a young child with a temper tantrum or an adolescent displaying teen angst.  Can you imagine if you were a student in her art class and made an art display defending human life or on reproduction and motherhood? Would she see this as free speech and artistic expression or will she launch towards the art display and vandalize it in anger? She embarrassed herself, Latinos, and women with her display.  People who are this angry as an opposing view simply demonstrate intellectual insecurity.  

I commend the young students for remaining poised and professional. They did not argue nor did they raise their voices.  The irony is that these young students demonstrated to her how an adult is supposed to comport themselves, moreover, a college professor.  

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