Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Disgraced Adjunct Professor Shellyne Rodriguez Fired & Assaults NY Post Reporter With Machete

Disgraced art adjunct professor at Hunter College Shellyne Rodriguez has been fired. school spokesman Vince Dimiceli told The Post "Hunter College strongly condemns the unacceptable actions of Shellyne Rodriguez and has taken immediate action. Rodriguez has been relieved of her duties at Hunter College effective immediately, and will not be returning to teach at the school." 

 However, she is in the news for another incident involving a reporter. Veteran NY Post reporter Reuven Fenton and his staff went to the apartment of Rodriguez in the Castlehill section of the Bronx which shares the lot with the Choculita La Bella deli to interview her. However, she came out belligerent and aggressive wielding a machete in hand. At one point she placed it on Fenton's neck threatening to chop off his head. After spewing several f-bombs demanding that they leave, she went back inside as the reporters left calmly. However, while outside, Rodriguez came down wielding the machete in hand. She began to chase the reporters around cars, on the street and sidewalk in a scene that looked like a Charlie Chaplin or Three Stooges "fast-running" scene. Here are videos and photos:




It is not known whether or not Shellyne Rodriguez was fired after the reporter incident or whether Hunter College's president made the decision beforehand. Some on social media are describing the firing as taking place after the machete incident with the reporter from the NY Post. We have not been able to confirm either. 

 Nevertheless, we do know that the provost of Hunter College began an investigation and the video from Students For Life was truly incriminating. The young man in the original video which got Shellyne Rodriguez on the path to being canceled was on Fox News. His name is Patrick Rubi and was a student at Cathedral Prep high school which is a high school for boys considering the priesthood. Here is the interview:


It is safe to say that Shellyne Rodriguez needs help. She is unfit to be a professor or in any position of leadership. Rodriguez is too volatile and unhinged.  If the presence of a mere table with pro-life material or reporters gets her to the point of becoming physically violent, then she needs anger management or needs a psychiatric evaluation. She may be bipolar or suffer from adjustment reaction disorder. 

In any event, she is a danger to others and herself. The NYPD is currently investigating the machete incident. It will not be a surprise if she is arrested for this incident. There is a lawsuit on her behalf against the NYPD. Rodriguez claims that while protesting the incident of George Flloyd, she was arrested, had her face bashed into a gate, her hair pulled, and was punched several times in the abdomen. She claims the plastic cuffs placed on her were too tight and when she asked for them to be loosened, the officer allegedly tightened them more causing her to scream in pain.  Rodriguez claims that this caused nerve damage along with the movement of the paddy wagon.  She is scheduled to go to court in July. 

Most likely, these events will hurt her case. The defense can show that she is an unstable and violent person. Ironically, she called the display of the young pro-lifers from Students For Life "violent," yet she was the one who has been violent in both of these incidents.  

Hunter College made the right decision to fire her. She needs to learn how to be professional and control her temper if she wants to function in a civilized society. We just cannot have people behaving like this, especially in positions of authority with young people.  She is "woke" and many of these people tend to behave in this manner. This is why no one takes their rhetoric seriously. 

Art by Shellyne Rodriguez depicting what looks like the story of her apartment 4A

She has a sister named Sunshine Jenkins who owns and runs Sunshine's Little Achievers in the Bronx on Clinton Avenue. There is word online that she may be next to be canceled. As the saying goes, "birds of a feather flock together," we must be concerned about what she is teaching pre-k children in this daycare. Clearly, something is bothering Rodriguez. She has inner demons that need to be worked out in a psychological and spiritual setting.  This goes to show how being too much to the left or right can have extremely harmful psychological consequences.  She needs to be arrested for menacing. You just cannot put machetes on people's necks or chase them around in the street with them.  This is not America. It is not liberty. It is not civilizations.  This is savagery.  

UPDATE May 24, 2023:

Shellyne Rodriguez finally provided a statement to ArtNews claiming she is the victim. She claims she apologized for the May 2nd incident with the pro-life students and was awaiting for the investigation process to finish until the video became viral on May 19th. She was then fired.  Rodriguez is now accusing Hunter College of supporting and catering to white supremacy. She said this whole ordeal has affected her mental health and that she fears for her life. She believes it to be a conservative right-wing campaign against her because of her antifa anarchist views.  It is interesting to note that she made no mention of the NY post machete incident.  

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