Monday, June 4, 2018

SCOTUS to Gays: You Cannot Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Great news! The Supreme Court of the United States of America decided in a 59 page ruling in favor of the Protestant Christian who refused to bake a cake celebrating the so-called "marriage" of two gay men.  This case has been in the news for many years now. It has empowered the LGBTQ agenda to fiercely go after Christians and attack religious freedom. Colorado's government even went on full attack against Jack Phillips who owes Masterpiece Cake.  The court decided 7-to-2 against the two gay men.  All of the justices minus Sotomayor and Ginsburg were in agreement that Phillips was met with harsh anti-religious sentiment by Colorado officials.

This case gained national attention when Charlie Craig and Dave Mullins filed a complaint against baker Jack Phillips in Colorado. The Colorado Civil Rights Commission went after Phillips immensely. He was not given a fair hearing. The institution automatically sided with the gay men and completely disregarded Phillip's religious freedom. Justice Kennedy noted this in the ruling. He said that one of the seven commissioners from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission described Phillip's religious faith as "despicable" and conflated him as a person trying to support slavery using religious faith or teachings.

The ruling has set up brake against LGBTQ extremism which has taken hold in that last few years. The LGBTQ agenda has been working hard to push religious freedom back.  Religion is now its only enemy. Philosophy and other areas that bring about criticism have sold their souls to irrationality and can no longer be trusted as beacons of questioning ideas. Many universities and political philosophies have adopted the LGBTQ agenda without question. Even social media will label any criticism of the LGBTQ agenda as hate. I myself was suspended by Twitter after someone falsely reported a tweets I posted about hepitatis and homosexual sexual activity as "hate." Note, this information has also been posted by health departments and other verified health accounts.  I was targeted because my account tweets on religion most of the time.  Hopefully, this new ruling will empower religious people to push back and not let themselves or their consciences be silenced.  The two gay men could have sought the services of another bakery.  Instead, they decided to harass an honest baker trying to make a living using his culinary talent. The men were not denied a cake because of their orientation. They were denied serviced because of what the cake was representing; a perversion of the institution of marriage. 


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