Saturday, October 21, 2017

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween

I just got out of the theater after watching Boo 2 Madea's Halloween with my nephew and dad.  The movie had a lot of funny lines. However, there was a lot of cursing and sexual tones in the lines as well. I was expecting the movie to be a lot better than the first one. The storyline was pretty much the same. Tyler Perry's character "Brian," is once again struggling with his daughter Tiffany. Like in the first movie, she is still a disrespectful teen brat who annoys the seniors: Madea, Aunt Bam, Hattie and Joe.

It is Tiffany's 18th birthday and she wants to be more independent. Her dad still treats her as if she was a young girl. For her party, he has a petting zoo and a corny layout. Madea and her friends mock him for it.  They also mock him for gifting headphones to Tiffany while her mom gave her a car. Like in the first movie, Brian is presented as a beta male who is unable to be assertive, especially around his ex-wife. In this movie, we see his ex-wife and her current boyfriend/husband who is a pretty boy can't-get-my-hands-dirty type. The seniors scold Brian for not being assertive, as in the first movie.

We once again see Hattie take to the "dance floor" in this movie.  However, she does not show any flashy dance moves as in the aforementioned.  Rather, we see her as more frail.  She even collapses during the skit. Brian is presented as a push over. He hired as pair of twins to entertain Tiffany at her party.  However, Tiffany is not interested.  Instead, she has eyes on attending the frat party hosted by fraternity president Jonathan who is played by the hunky Youtuber, Yousef Erakat. This time, Jonathan checks ID in order to avoid minors attending his party. When Tiffany visits him, he is skeptical that she is an adult.  When he is convinced that she is in fact 18, he invites her to his party which is scheduled to take place at a lake where murders occurred.  Tiffany and her best friend are concerned at the location, but Tiffany goes ahead and accepts to attend.  Jonathan is glad and, of course, thinking about something else (sex). Tiffany ask her mother for permission to go to the party and is given it. Her mom is presented as careless and not concern with being a responsible parent. Tiffany convinces her friend to join her at the party despite her friend not wanting to go. Her friend lies to her father by telling him that she is staying with Tiffany at her mom's place.  

When Brain finds out after Madea tells him after she overheard, he gets upset. Since he is a push over, he does nothing to prevent Tiffany from attending. In fact,he accepts it nonchalantly. We find out why later in the end of the movie. The rest of the movie deals with Tiffany partying at the lake while Madea and her friends and brother Joe travel in her famous Cadillac in order to protect Tiffany. However, both parties become the target of two girls dressed like zombies and a man with a chainsaw.  We see Madea and her friends cowardly run from the zombie-ghostly girls while on a dark road while kids at the party start disappearing. During this time, we see Madea and her friends make silly remarks and run around in fear like Shaggy and Scooby Doo.  Madea is shown once again running while saying "help me Jesus."  In the end, we learn that the attacks by the ghostly-zombie girls and chainsaw man were all planned out by Brian and Tiffany's friend's dad.  Tiffany's mom is presented at the precinct crying and concerned for her daughter while her boyfriend/husband is presented as a coward for refusing to go to the lake to help look for Tiffany.

Many people laughed in the theater as I watched the movie. As stated before, the movie pretty much was a repeat of the first one. The material was nearly identical which did not produce that real "laugh out loud" moment for me. The movie is entertaining, but vulgar for kids. There are positive lessons in it such as, not lying to parents and responsibility. However, fans of the Madea franchise may find this movie was just a representation of the first part.  There were more witty wise lines than the first, but the story line and a few performances were unoriginal.

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