Monday, June 6, 2016

'Reason Rally' 2016 A Huge Flop: Epic Fail

Many alleged online atheists claim that atheism is on the rise or "unstoppable," but this past weekend's "Reason Rally" shows otherwise.  Just as in the first one held in 2012 (see:, the 2016 one was an epic fail. It was expected that 30,000 would attend. However, a few thousand only attended. The flopped forced "Friendly Atheist" Hemant Mehta to post on his blog excuses as to why the rally was a failure.

His excuses are laughable to say the least. He dreams up every kind of irrational reason as to why the rally failed. I will refute each here briefly

Friendly Atheist: 1) People didn’t know about the event.

Sacerdotus replies:  Seriously? I am no longer an atheist and still knew this event was going to happen... so did my atheist friends! The event was promoted on many podcasts, blogs, Atheist Tv and other media. The event was promoted mostly online which is where the so-called 'New Atheism'  movement lives on.

Friendly Atheist: 2) The atheist “base” wasn’t particularly excited about the event.

Sacerdotus replies:  What!?  Of course they were excited about this otherwise donations and other sources would not have come in to fund the event. Moreover, why would they not be excited about the event if "atheism is growing?"  Perhaps, atheists are starting to realize that their cause is dying out and did not want to waste their time.

Friendly Atheist:  3) Large segments of atheist activists were not represented onstage.

Sacerdotus Replies:  There are not many atheist actives to begin with. The "regulars" Dawkins, Krauss, Mehta himself, Harris, Dennett are always the ones present anyhow, so who are these other activists Metha is referring to? They never showed up before because they do not exist.  If atheism is as popular as atheists think it is, then atheists would have showed up regardless of who was speaking. The reality is that atheism is just not a strong movement. Mehta listing that there were no atheist bloggers, Youtubers, podcasters etc is a lame excuse.   

Friendly Atheist:  4) The event took place in the summer.

Sacerdotus Replies: The event took place in summer, therefore it fail? Seriously Mehta??  First of all, it is not even summer yet.  Summer begins on June 20, 2016!  Moreover, it is during the summer that many events take place. The weather is better to be outside in and people are off from school and work!  Using summer as an excuse is really ridiculous and shows how desperate the "Friendly Atheist" is in his article trying to rationalize (poorly) why the "Reason Rally" was a flop.

Friendly Atheist:  5) The novelty wore off.

Sacerdotus Replies:  Again, if atheism is such a growing movement that is popular and "contagious," then the "novelty" would not have worn off. If the "novelty wore off" then this means that atheism is not as attractive.  Then again, atheism has the lowest retention of any religion (see:

Friendly Atheist:  6) There was no sense of urgency.

Sacerdotus Replies:  This is another corny excuse. Mehta claims that "in 2012, marriage equality was still not a reality" as if atheism is about progressive political agendas. Atheism is an ideology the professes the idea that God does not exist. The so-called "New Atheism" faction of atheism goes a little further by trying to censor free speech and religious freedom. Atheism is not about so-called "gay marriage" or even abortion. Again, we see how desperate the "Friendly Atheist" is trying to explain away the failure of the rally.

The truth of the matter is that atheism is dying. While the number of people attending religious services is declining, this does not mean that atheism is rising. These people still believe in God, but have lost faith in the institutional part of religion. This is a problem that can easily be fixed with evangelizaton and Christian charity. Once these people feel at home in their former religious faiths, they will come back.

I find it funny how Mehta tries hard to explain why the Reason Rally was a failure. He is being dishonest as usual and refuses to acknowledge the fact that atheism is dying. More and more people are realizing that its speculative reasoning and nonsensical arguments which lack evidence do not hold up against God, reason, the arguments and evidence for God.

The failure of the Reason Rally left the "Friendly Atheist" scratching his head. Perhaps the release of my book 'Atheism Is Stupid' is the cause of the poor attendance at the Reason Rally? hehe



  1. The reason rally failed because 3rd wave feminism and social justice hijacked the reason rally. No reasonable atheist wants to advocate sexism (like 3rd wave feminism) or racism (like the SJW)

  2. The reasonrally failed because atheists don't want to associate with it, why? Because it's not about atheism, it's about feminism and social justice. We did not give up one religion just to join another one.

  3. The Reason Rally failed because the novelty of the 2012 rally was The Atheists there were offensive against religous people (I was in DC and they were going out of their way to make Christians upset.) This reason rally had social justice issues at the forefront and, it's not because of the social justice issues but, it was addressing it within the Atheist Community itself. It was originally a boycott but the organizers never let up so, that's why the low turnout!

  4. DutchDread nailed it. Reason Rally screwed themselves over by not only completely losing their message by extending it to "equally marginalized allies" who had their own separate agendas, but by having a ridiculous code of conduct that contradicted itself.

    Pretty much every Youtuber I watch who happens to be egalitarian atheist would have been tossed out or booed out of the event because they are notoriously unpopular with BLM & feminists.


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