Saturday, June 11, 2016

Psychotic Pseudo-Catholic or Delusional Fundamentalist?

As you may know, I look around for atheists and atheistic groups to evangelize in. I found one where atheists and theists debate and decided to join it on Facebook. Within a short time, Frank Petrucci accepts my request and even requested me as a friend. He is apparently the one who started the group and controls it. I assumed he was a Catholic due to the Vatican flag plastered over his mug shot. Anyhow, I introduced myself to the group and got many replies from atheists.

Petrucci also added his own messages which came across as combative and insecure. He questioned me and even invited me to a 'mock debate' where he would defend Aquinas on predestination and I would counter in response. He claimed that this would give an example to atheists on how to debate civilly. I decided to give it a shot thinking he wanted me to help him bring order to his group. Shortly after this, I noticed he was really rude, misogynistic, sexually vulgar and nasty to atheists. His form of 'evangelization' was not Christ-like. Therefore as a Christian, I admonished (Spiritual Work of Mercy) him privately in the 'inbox,' so to speak.  Once again, he began getting combative and then began to insult me.  He called me names and a whole host of other atrocities.  Take a look of what I could post since he got really nasty and acted like a classless uneducated individual!

Ironically, the group that he started says that it does not ban anyone.  Well, it seems Petrucci has thin skin despite his bulky build and removed me from the group.. talk about lying about not banning people!

Description of group says no one is banned

It seems like my presence there threatened him. What is troubling is that he is misrepresenting the Catholic faith not only in behavior, but also doctrine. He was teaching atheists that God is a sort of autistic-stoic being without emotions, does not care for anyone and other errors.  God is not Mister Spock!  Petrucci claims to be a graduate from Ave Maria University, however, I contacted the university and they know of no such student.  Moreover, his lack of understanding of basic Catholicism showed red flags. He seems to think that every word of Aquinas is magesterium.  

Other Catholics on Facebook told me about him and even had to block him because of his behavior and misrepresentation of Catholicism.  His Facebook profile says that he is separated. This may be a sign that he has trouble developing relationships which can be a sign of mental illness.  It seems to me as if Petrucci has bipolar disorder or feels threatened by other males who he may perceive as more superior or an alpha male.  Furthermore, he may be a closeted homosexual who is frustrated at the presence of other males who are authoritative.

Petrucci's profile, says separated as relationship status

Catholics confirming Frank Petrucci is fake and sick. Had to block him

I invite my fellow faithful Catholics to pray for this disturbed man.  If he is really a Catholic, then he has not internalized the Gospel.  Catholicism is not a baseball bat we use to bash others with.

Contact and voice your concerns to Ave Maria University: 5050 Ave Maria Blvd, Ave Maria, FL 34142 Phone: (239) 280-2500 and the bishop of his area, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allentown. Bishop JOHN O. BARRES:

Frank Petrucci is either a fake Catholic looking to harm the Church or is a mentally ill fundamentalist.  Moreover, another person named Julia (perhaps a sock puppet) messaged me and started to become combative with me after I showed her proof of his bad behavior.  I had to blocked her after I saw that she could not see reason and was becoming more combative.  This profile may have been Frank Petrucci using a sock puppet profile.

We have to be careful online. There are many fake people who pretend to be Catholic or even clergy. Please avoid this this person and report his profile and group here below:

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