Friday, April 15, 2016

Brooklyn Brawl: #DemDebate

Last night, another CNN debate took place with democratic candidates for the presidency, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. The debate was held at the Navy Yards in Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is the hometown of Bernie Sanders.

This debate was different from previous ones. Both candidates went at it accusing each other of many things, shouting at each other and forcing the moderators to interject to get them to calm down. Bernie attacked Hillary on her connections with Wall Street and called on her to release the transcript of her speaking engagement. He also attacked her on her vote for the Iraq war. Sanders presented himself as the candidate for the people, painting Clinton as the 'establishment' candidate. Clinton attacked back mentioning his interview gaffe with the New York Daily News where Sanders came across as unprepared and called on him to release his taxes which he said he would on today. However, Sanders got Clinton to actually agree with him on social security which got her visibly upset, but she tried to 'smile it away.' She went after him on the NRA and gun control.

Sanders hit her back hard regarding the situation in Israel as well as climate change. The crowd was obviously on the side of Sanders. They cheered the most for him and at several times chanted 'Bernie Bernie Bernie.' Clinton was visibly embarrassed and acknowledged that the crowd was in Sanders' favor in her closing statement. Sanders cast doubt on Clinton's judgement and her ability to handle things. He also called her out on her constant mind changing on what the minimum wage should be.

In my opinion, Bernie Sanders won this debate. He destroyed Clinton on many points, made her look contradictory and got her to lose her temper a few times which she tried to mask with an exaggerated smile. Clinton looked visibly uncomfortable in a city she represented as senator.    


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