Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Book Review: A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Phlegmatic Child

A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Phlegmatic Child

The book A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Phlegmatic Child
by Catholic laywoman & author Connie Rossini is a must have for parents and those who work with children. In the book, she addresses the temperaments found among children by giving a description of each and how to distinguish between them. Rossini focuses mostly on the phlegmatic temperament of children. Though these terms have fallen out of use with most mainstream psychologists, the information she provides is accurate and very useful in any generation.  The book is meant for parents, not social scientists so it makes sense for Rossini to apply the data on temperaments the way she does in the book.

The content in the book reminded me of my introduction to psychology and theories of personality classes which I took to earn my psychology degree. Rossini did an excellent job connecting these concepts of personality with spirituality and parenting. She even psychoanalyzes several biblical personalities which I found very interesting. Moreover, she offers her advice on how to deal with children with phlegmatic temperaments. One can tell that she is very experienced in this field as a parent by reading this book. Her advice is sound and will work well with Catholic families and other families (non-Catholic) who adhere to traditional Christian/religious values. She even offers ways to increase a child's spiritual growth and Catholic way-of-life without drowning a child with it.

A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Phlegmatic Child by Connie Rossini is a must have. I recommend it for parents and parents to be. This book is an excellent guide even for those who work with children such as teachers, priests, catechists etc. Once you read the book, you will have a better understanding of children and their temperaments.  This will enable you to better service them: our greatest asset.  Kudos to Connie Rossini for this easy to read, simply, yet enriching book that does not need to use big psychological words or doctoral level jargon in order to get the message across.  She has made a new fan here.

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