Friday, November 29, 2013

Religious Freedom vs Twitter II

UPDATE To my original post Religious Freedom vs Twitter.  

Twitter deleted my tickets requesting the restoration of my accounts and the accounts of others affected. I made it clear that we are being falsely reported and provided evidence. Instead, the person in charge (@ikejanes) of the ticket deleted it after I mentioned that the Catholic league and media were notified.  This is unprofessional.  

I notified the media and the Catholic League and am waiting for their response. My hope is the media will do a story on this and force Twitter to restore the Catholic accounts affected and will target the real abusers. 

In the meantime, please take screen shots and save links showing abusive tweets from anti-catholics etc. The more there is, the more I can show twitter that this is not an isolated incident and that anti-catholics use their network to harass, abuse and threaten Catholics.  Also, save tickets where you reported abusive behavior and Twitter support did nothing.  This will show that Twitter support is bias and only listens to a particular group and its complains while ignoring others.

I ask all Catholics and those who have enjoyed my tweets to contact Twitter and voice your complaint against this attack on religious freedom.

Please contact support at and inform them to restore my accounts as well as the accounts of other Catholics falsely accused of abuse.

Flood Tweets to: @brucedaisley, @ikejanes @twitter and @support and tell them to restore our accounts and stop the attack on Catholic free speech on their network. The more Catholics and others message, the better. There is power in numbers. Flood twitter with your support for religious freedom.

Also write to Twitter's office:

Twitter, INC
340 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Please get thousands to contact twitter and tweet to these above accounts. I will be writing a letter to Twitter directly and will send them copies of all my tweets, the tweets of other accounts effected as well as the abusive tweets and accounts of atheists and other anti catholics. They will see the evidence and will hopefully realize who are the real abusers. The media will also receive the same information. I will ask several networks to do a story on this so as to pressure Twitter to do something about it.

Thanks and God bless!

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