Thursday, September 12, 2013

Atheist Dawkins Pro-Pedophilia

Atheist Richard Dawkins is at it again with his foot-in-mouth antics.  He recently revealed that he was molested as a child at a boarding school by one of the masters.  Dawkins, 72 then went on to basically excuse the behavior and claim that it was just 'mild' and that such behavior has no 'lasting effect.'

He said that the master, "pulled me on his knee and put his hand inside my shorts."  This of course is a crime and is immoral.  Dawkins then says other children in his boarding school were molested as well and ended by saying,  "I don't think he did any of us lasting harm."

Seriously Richard??

Whether the action of a pedophile is putting a hand in a boy's shorts or even looking at a boy with lust; that has a lasting effect.  It creates a hostile environment where often the child feels ashamed and worthless.  This does create a lasting effect.  There is no such thing as 'mild pedophilia' or abuse.

Pedophilia and abuse do not have to be physical. According to the APA, they can also include: noncontact abuse, such as exposure, voyeurism, and child pornography. Abuse by peers also occurs. Children who are abused will develop all kinds of behavior problems as they maturate.  The APA lists some of these as:  regressive behaviors (such as a return to thumb-sucking or bed-wetting), sleep disturbances, eating problems, behavior and/or performance problems at school, and nonparticipation in school and social activities.  Children who were abused will also have problems when they reach adulthood.  Adults who were abused at an early age often develop depression, anxiety, panic attacks, extreme anger, self hate, have trouble with relationships, and other issues.

This is far from being 'mild' and the effects are not 'mild' at all.  They are indeed lasting and serious.  It is no wonder why many groups and organizations that help those abused are extremely upset and disgusted at Dawkins' remarks.  His callous, nonchalant and indifferent take on pedophilia and molestation are obviously one of the effects of his molestation as a child.  Moreover, his anger, hatred towards God and religion which are ideas associated with love, protection and charity show that he is hurting deep inside.  He is wondering why God didn't protect him.  This is typical of those who were abused.  Many atheists became atheist because of abuse or because they felt alienated and then put the blame on God. (Exline, Park, Smyth, and Carey, 2010)

Dawkins' erratic public behavior and incoherent thinking are a sign that his abuse has taken toll of him even at age 72.  His jabs against faith are his attempt to vent against the pain and hurt he is feeling.  They give him a sense of importance and power.  Other atheists are quick to follow him because they too are hurting and find the same pseudo-comfort that Dawkins finds in his attack against faith.  Atheism then becomes a psychological defense mechanism attempting to regulate mental health by channeling angry sentiments against God and faith.  

Some atheists on twitter, including the "friendly atheist" were quick to defend Dawkins which is scary.  How can anyone defend a guy who considers molestation to be 'mild' and not having any lasting consequences?  What is wrong with you people?

You will never see me defend a priest who has been proven to have abused anyone, or a bishop who has been proven to have allowed the abuse.  I would never do that.

Dawkins tries to backtrack in his explanation of the remarks here:
He tries to shift the attention to Pope Benedict XVI, but really does not explain his previous remarks.  Dawkins has yet to condemn his attacker's action and merely brushes it aside as, 'it just happened, so what.'  

His words are clear and are extremely offensive.  In the past, Dawkins has even tried to make the idea of Hell seem more abusive than child abuse itself!  This guy is a train wreck.

Molestation and abuse are serious matters.  They should not be brushed aside as 'mild' or insignificant even if the abuse took the form of a glance, light kiss, or pat on the buttock or other region.  Human beings are creatures with intrinsic value.  They must not become objects for another's enjoyment.

I am disgusted by Dawkins' comments and by those atheists who are defending him.  Shame on Dawkins and his supports for indirectly advocating child molestation and abuse.  In any even, this comes as no surprise because Gay activist and Atheist David Thorstad has been advocating for the legalization of pedophilia.  He founded NAMBLA.

When one has no moral grounding and relies on atheistic relativism, any idea will pass through as 'normal.'    



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