Sunday, August 25, 2013

MTV's VMA '13

After a long Sunday morning, I had the rest of the day to relax a bit; something I seldom get a chance to do.  After watching the sports games, a bit of golf, news networks; I tuned on to MTV.

MTV is the music network which has everything but music.  It originally started as a channel where music videos were played. However, sometime in the '90s, they began producing programming that was just silly and crude.  This programming continues even to today.

This channel just had its annual "video music awards" in which musicians are given awards for a particular genre of music or video art.  I was disgusted at the amount of perverted sexual themes they portrayed on stage.  From women in attire typical of a prostitute, to imitation of sexual acts on stage!  Women were portrayed as sexual objects while male singers/dancers grinded on them.  If that was not bad enough, this 'rapper' who I never heard of that goes by the name "Macklemore" took the stage and began a "pro-gay rights" rant.  Apparently, he has a rap song entitled "Same Love," in which he attacks religion, the Bible and promotes same-sex unions as normal while equating human rights with 'gay rights.'

I never heard of this clown and Google the song to see the lyrics. In it, he says "we paraphrase a book written thirty-five-hundred years ago I don't know;" basically dismisses the Bible as an archaic book that we must discard.  He even claims that being gay is a 'predisposition' and that 'right wing conservatives' use 'religion and some treatment' to cure gays; calling this 'Man-made rewiring of a predisposition - playing God.'

He goes on attacking the use of the word 'gay' when it is equated to something lesser than something or someone else while citing Youtube comments as a source of this.  Macklemore then claims religions cause wars and attacks Catholicism by saying:

 "When I was at church they taught me something else.  If you preach hate at the service those words aren't anointed.  That holy water that you soak in has been poisoned."  

Throughout the song, he claims God doesn't care whether one is gay or not; "God loves all his children."

This song seems to be a so-called "Gay Anthem" of sorts similar to that of "Lady Gaga's" 'Born this way.'  In it, Macklemore is promoting progressivism and the idea that the Bible needs to be cast out and social ideas from subcultures should replace it in the name of "progress."  To him, religion is about hate and God 'loves all His children.'   

It is scary that this junk is being fed to the youth.  Macklemore is a hypocrite in more ways than one.  He claims the Bible and religion promote hate, yet he is hating on us and our book.  He is disrespecting the Word of God as a book that was written a few thousand years ago and is not needed today.  This book built societies throughout the world.  It inspired artists and musicians; and has been the source of scientific inquiry from Galileo to Newton.  The Bible was the first book most people read for the first time after learning how to read.  Moreover, the idea that God loves all His children is from the Bible!  This guy is promoting an idea from the book he is hating on!  Go figure...  

Also... Macklemore borrows these words in the conclusion of his song:
"Love is patient Love is kind Love is patient Love is kind."  Do they look familiar?  Yes, you've guess it!  They are from the "35 hundred year old book" Macklemore does not like and wants humanity to get rid of.  Those words can be found in 1 Corinthians 13:4.

Can someone say cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy?  

This Macklemore is nothing but a promoter of social engineering.  He wants to promote strange ideas; thinking them to be positive for the human race, but does not reflect on the harm homosexuality does to those who have this tendency.  Homosexuals have the highest rates of mental illness as well as the highest rates of STD infection - HIV in particular.  Speaking out against the gay lifestyle is not hate.  It is love!   We Catholic Christians are concerned for the souls, bodies and minds of our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community.  We are indeed 'patient and kind' with them and minister to them in many ways.

Macklemore, what are you doing to help gays who are suffering mental and sexual diseases?  They need love and patience too.  The lifestyle you are promoting under the guise of "human rights" is killing them.  

I hope young kids listening to this crap as well as those who watch the awards are smart enough to know that religion and the Bible do not promote hate.  God indeed loves sinners, but not their sins.  
Unfortunately, I saw some tweets where some ignorant youth were celebrating Macklemore's song and words while at the same time even calling him a 'god.'  

Not all youth are so ignorant to tweet this nonsense.  This one got his brain on right and knows the truth:

We need to work harder to fight against relativism which is feeding this nonsense to our youth.  


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