Tuesday, March 27, 2012

LGBT ask Bishops to defund NOM

There seems to be a sense of panic and paranoia among LGBT advocates.  Recently, accusations have been made that NOM or the National Organization for Marriage is using race as a tool to combat so-called "gay marriage."

In light of these accusations based on documents released by the HRC (Human Rights Campaign), the LGBT community is asking the Catholic Bishops to withhold funding to NOM.

It seems to me that the LGBT community knows they have a huge fight on their hands in regards to their attempt to distort marriage from a union between one man and one woman to an any-thing-goes invention.  They are now going after NOM and the Catholic Church in order to sway the minds of those who are still not convinced that so-called "gay marriage" is not good for society.  

Divide and conquer techniques have been used for ages.  This is nothing new.  It has been used in politics, in the conquest of natives during the Age of Exploration and in colonial times.  It is a tactic that often works.

It should come as no surprise that the Black and Latino communities do not see homosexuals in the same light as other groups.  They hold onto traditional values that were taught to them by their ancestors.  Many of these values predate the Christianization of Africans and Natives in the New World.

That being said, any group that is attempting to protect marriage will use this to their advantage.  The LGBT cannot force everyone to accept their opinions and views.   They cannot expect cultures who are deeply rooted in traditional values to throw them out for their sake.  That is cultural bullying.   

This tactic by the LGBT requesting the Bishops to defund NOM is a sign of weakness on their part.  In any case, the Catholic Church will defend marriage with or without NOM.  We have been doing this before Europe, the USA and other modern western nations even existed.  







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