Monday, June 12, 2023

'For We Are Many' - Legion & LGBTQI Pronoun Fixation

Within the last decades, a lot has changed. Gay Pride has been spreading like a virus around the world, especially in the media. We see the "rainbow" colors all over the place. On websites, social media, and even at the White House, State government buildings, schools, and some churches. If anyone dares criticize or comment against this, they are canceled, ostracized, banned from social media platforms, and in some cases, even arrested.  We even have some Catholics in the clergy and laity defend this movement to the point of watering down the Church's teachings rooted in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  It is just a bizarre time to live in.  The question is, what is behind all of this?  

People using the pronouns "they, them, their" seems analogous with "We are Legion (Mark 5:9)." It makes no sense to use these words to identify one individual.  Are we seeing demonic activity manifesting in social engineering?  A religious sister on Twitter was recently attacked by a Franciscan priest who teaches at St. Bonaventure University over comments making this connection with the pronoun use and Legion of the Gospels. This, again is so absurd. It feels like one is in the Twilight Zone program where reality seems to alter itself as one is living it.  

I am sure anyone who may be gay or an "LGBTQI ally" and is reading this will automatically label this post as "homophobic." This take is also absurd and a huge problem. Criticism is not hate. If something is immune from criticism, then it is a dictatorship that often pretends to have invincibility and later falls down hard. This post is not meant to be hateful, but to provide critical thinking to the phenomenon going on in regards to "pronouns."  As a Christian, I cannot help but see the correlation between Mark 5:9 and the insistence on using absurd pronouns in today's age. I am not stating that members of the gay community are demons or of the devil. What I am stating is that there may be a demonic influence behind it. Ephesians 6:12 reads, "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms."  In other words, we Christians are not at war with our fellow brothers and sisters who may not share our faith or may not share it completely. We are at war with the spiritual forces of evil and the powers of this dark world, as Ephesians describes them.  

Those who know a bit about exorcisms know that there are different ways in which the devil or demons attack humans. Most are familiar with demonic possession when a demon or group of demons take over a human body and mind causing it to behave strangely and manifest superhuman traits. Then there are the less familiar terms of demonic obsession and oppression.  Demonic obsession is when the devil or demons literally are obsessed with an individual. They harass the person and even inflict misfortunes on them. Finally, there is demonic oppression which has some commonality with obsession but focuses more on the spiritual well-being of the person. In demonic oppression, the individual becomes to get weighed down by demonic attacks which are sometimes subtle. When the individual falls into temptation and sin, the demon(s) jump on this moment and begin to make the individual's life difficult. The individual is tempted and harassed so greatly that he or she beings to suffer spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, and even physically.  This will eventually lead to doubting, indifference towards religious convictions, acedia, and other ills. It is like a deep spiritual depression where one becomes hopeless, feels alone, and starts doubting everyone including themselves just like in the case of psychological depression which may lead to suicide.  

Agnosticism and Atheism are forms of demonic oppression. Remember, if you reject God then you open yourself to His opponent de facto. One does not need to invite satan and his demons in via word, thought, or action. Just by rejecting God and/or sinning without care, one is inviting the enemy in. Similarly, if one is living in the sin of homosexuality without concern for it as if it were nothing serious, one is inviting in demonic forces that one truly cannot comprehend because they are in the spiritual realm. This is why we see a large amount of the LGBTQI population suffering from mental illnesses and even committing suicide. Some may blame religion or religious proselytism for this, but there is no correlation. People many times complain that the government is oppressing them, but we do not see a lot of suicides because of this. Similarly, there are other things that people feel weigh heavily on them, but we do not see high numbers of mental illness or suicide among these groups. Homosexuality is distinct in this regard.  

This is why we must look into the obsession with absurd pronoun use. The demand to use strange pronouns causes confusion which is a sign of the devil who is a liar and caused confusion on day one with Adam and Eve. The demand to use strange pronouns means to convey plurality in order to represent one individual is a sign of "Legion" who was "many" in the one. It erases the sense one personhood and turns the individual into a plurality of expressions or manifestations.  To describe oneself as "they" or "them" or even "Us" or "zir" is to attempt to depart from the physical realm where our ontology only manifests in a singular and constant form. Only the spiritual realm is free of physicality and physics. Those who are not wise and who are blind to the spiritual world see this abuse of pronouns as nothing serious. It is just someone "living their truth" or "their expression." However, those of us who have the grace to see beyond the physical can see there is indeed something spiritual behind this and it is not good (2 Timothy 2:26, Ephesians 2:2).  

Again, this post is not meant to attack the LGBTQI people but to critically think about what is influencing it. We are all being attacked and influenced by the devil. The LGBTQI community cannot be singled out. However, they are the ones currently pushing their propaganda aggressively on all of us, so it begs the question of why and why this phenomenon is so powerful. Not even Nazism was able to convince so many of its ideology. The Catholic Church herself was once the superpower of the Western world and even she did not have such influence and control over the masses. So how can a minority of people with a simple "rainbow" flag have so much influence and power over the masses?  

Is it money? Is it a pity for those who have been targets of hate and abuse over the centuries?  Is it an attempt to be allied with this minority group?  In light of the many other groups who have more money and have had established power but were not able to reach the amount of control as the LGBTQI have, we can truly suspect that the power behind this agenda is demonic. Remember, Scripture and Jesus Himself have referred to satan as being the "ruler of this word" or "god of this age." (John 12:31; 14:30; 16:11, 2 Corinthians 4:4, Colossians 1:13).  That being stated, things in this world are influenced directly by the devil and demons.  We can assume that the influence, power, and extreme protection that homosexuality has gotten from the world is directly from satan himself because he is the ruler of this world and has great influence over it.  Many people do not even notice that the Pride flag has six colors, a number often attributed to the antichrist. We who studied physics know that the rainbow has seven colors, a number associated with God. 

This is why we must minister to homosexual persons with love, the hard truth and grace. There is no place for homophobia or hate in Christianity and evangelization. Some Protestant denominations force conversion therapy on their homosexual parishioners, however, we as Catholics must let God's grace do the conversion. We all need conversion, not just homosexuals. All of us sin, not just homosexuals. We are all targets of satan. This evil and proud creature hates us and is envious of us (Wisdom 2:24).  We must remember that this creature is the target, not homosexuals or one another. He is our enemy, not homosexuals or any other person who may not share our faith.   

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