Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Taylor Marshall Behind Amazon 'Pachamama' Carvings Vandalism

During a You Tube broadcast, conspiracist Taylor Marshall had on Alexander Tschugguel. Tschugguel had contracted the coronavirus and is recoverying (see: https://www.sacerdotus.com/2020/03/alexander-tschugguel-contracts-covid-19.html). As many of you know, Tschugguel was the man who vandalized the carvings used during the Amazon Synod in Rome. He threw them into the Tiber (see: https://www.sacerdotus.com/2019/11/pachamama-good-thief-alexander.html). Many voiced their disgust at the action, though others, mainly so-called conservative Catholics, praised it. Tschugguel became a hero to them; the "new St. Boniface." Well, some in the Catholic blogosphere have long suspected that Taylor Marshall may have been behind the stunt in order to garner publicity and sell more books regarding his conspiracy theories. Well, it turns out that the suspicions were correct.

During the webcast, Marshall revealed that he supported and funded the effort. At 106:40, Marshall begins to explain his role in the vandalism of the carvings:

Taylor states:

 “Alexander and I had met in Rome … even before the Pachas were out, and when we learned about the tree that was planted in that ceremony with the Pachas, we were at dinner and we were discussing how we might go and rip that tree out of the ground, That kind of scared us a little,” Marshall chuckled, “but we really didn’t know about the Pachas (yet) … They were still saying that they were Mary and Elizabeth, which none of us really bought, but at least it wasn’t outright idolatry. “So you worked out your plan with your friend, and I wired you some money for airfare, and you guys flew from Vienna over to Rome, and you got it done, a wonderful thing. This has never been told before. I just waited until you texted me and said, ‘Our airplane is off the ground in Rome. We’re free. We’re out of Rome.’ And at that point I uploaded the footage to YouTube. None of us wanted you to get detained or stuck in Rome.”

Tschugguel apparently knows some people who reside near the Vatican gardens and planned with them to enter the church and steal the carvings. However, he voiced concern about possible snipers on the roof of the Domus Sanctae Marthae where Pope Francis lives.  Marshall continues to rant about the Coronavirus being a punishment from God due to the "Pachamama" at the Vatican.  There is no word from the Vatican or Italian police regarding the claims.  They made it clear that they will be investigating and possibly charging those responsible.  Both Marshall and Tschugguel have admitted to the crime and can face possible charges.

In my opinion, charges should be filed. People cannot enter churches and steal things in order to make a statement by vandalizing them. Regardless of the reason, this is wrong and illegal. It is a disruption in civil society.  Rational people use words to fight and do not get physical. The Vatican and even the pope have made it clear several times that the carvings were not "Pachamama" or anything related to the myth (see:  http://www.sacerdotus.com/2019/10/pagan-pope-pagan-vatican-ceremony.html and http://www.sacerdotus.com/2019/10/pope-francis-says-amazon-figures-are-of.html).  The pope did describe them as "Pachamama," but simply because this was how the Italian media was describing them. He did not mean that they were literally "Pachamama."

Moreover, the claim that Coronavirus is a punishment from God due to the display at the Vatican with the carvings is silly. As stated, the carvings are not Pagan nor "Pachamama." They were simply symbols just like many churches use an eagle to represent freedom or a pelican to represent God. These carvings were never worshiped nor was there any direction to use them to replace Christian themes.  Furthermore, let us give Marshall the benefit of doubt.  Suppose this virus is a punishment due to the display of the carvings at the Vatican, then why did Alexander contract the virus? If Alexander is a "hero" by vandalizing the "pagan idols," why did he become part of the punishment?  Moses did not suffer the plagues. Noah did not drown with the others. So why did Alexander get caught up in this alleged punishment from God due to the display of the cravings at the Vatican?  We can see how Marshall simply does not make any sense. The more we see him broadcast and tweet, the more it becomes clear that he is suffering from something deeply spiritual, and perhaps, psychological.

It is also selfish for Marshall to put this young man in harm's way. If there are snipers on a roof, he could have been shot dead!  Moreover, he could have gotten arrested. We hear Marshall in the video state his concern that Alexander leave Rome for Austria immediately.  He know the legal ramifications of the stunt, yet he wired money to this young man to commit this crime.  Hopefully Vatican and Italian police will issue charges.  This is unacceptable behavior.  Marshall is a coward.  Why did he not do it himself?  He is a wealthy person who has the means to hire lawyers in case he got caught.  Why pay off a young man to do his dirty work?  Marshall prides himself in masculinity, but what he did was very cowardly. It is no wonder that Marshall disappeared from Twitter during this period (see: https://www.sacerdotus.com/2019/10/twitter-suspendsbans-conspiracist.html).   

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