Monday, November 4, 2019

'Pachamama Good Thief' Alexander Tschugguel Comes Out

The "good thief" Alexander Tschugguel finally revealed himself as one of the men seen on the now famous video thrown the "Pachamama" figures into the Tiber river (see: He claims that when he learned that the purpose of the Amazon synod was political rather than religious, this angered him. The images of a Franciscans and other bowing to the figure was the last straw.

He and the other man went early to Rome and waited for the church to open. They prayed the Rosary and then entered the church to remove the figures of "Pachamama" and casting them into the Tiber river. Here is the video:

I have been reserved about this whole situation. Regardless of the motive, no one has the right to steal from any location and vandalize. This is the main issue we should all be concerned about. The "Pachamama" figures were not worshiped. The images were re-purposed as symbols. This is not foreign in Catholicism. In Rome, we see many Pagan items that were re-purposed as Christian symbols.

As it stands, I will refrain from calling these men "heroes" because there is no evidence that the figures were worshiped as idols. They should face some sort of criminal charges for their actions. We cannot have people mimicking their false heroics in other situations. A clear message must be sent.

It is interesting to note that conspiracist Dr. Taylor Marshall immediately had the young man Alexander Txchugguel on his YouTube broadcast. Some have speculated online as to whether Marshall has something to do with the theft and vandalism. His Twitter account mysteriously was wiped and became inactive prior to the incident with the "Pachamama" figures (see: In today's interview on YouTube, one can see Marshall's "Infiltration" book in the background facing the camera out of place on the bookshelf.

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