Monday, November 28, 2016

Irascible Lin-Manuel's 'Papi' Luis Snaps

Many of you who know me personally or online know that I pull no punches. I am very blunt and do not hold back on my thoughts.  This has gotten the attention of the boring magician Penn Jillette, narrow view physicist Lawrence Krauss and has gotten me blocked by the annoying has-been Cher and maniacal Catholic clergymen Tom Rosica, Jim Goode and Kevin Farrell.

Well, after the disrespect vice-president elect Mike Pence faced while attending "Hamilton" with his family, I gave my dollar and change to its creator Lin-Manuel and his father who posted a tweet applauding the disrespect given to Mike Pence.

As expected, the liberal Miranda senior like every other liberal is not fond of getting criticism.  He launched out at me on Twitter after I call his son's show  "garbage" and a "disgrace to Puerto Ricans."

Take a look at the tweets:

I wrote my criticism:

Miranda senior responded like a typical Twitter troll:

I replied reminding him of reality:

The whole scenario is comical at best and shows the immaturity and lack of temperament by Luis A. Miranda who immediately resorted to an ad hominem attack rather than attacking my criticism. This tells me that one can easily get under his skin due to his lack of composure which is an indication of lower cognitive functioning.

Note, that I did not attack his son, but rather, his son's play and the way the actors attacked Mike Pence. I found that act distasteful.  For one thing, Mike Pence bought the overpriced tickets to see a show with his family.  I am sure he was not there to be lectured by frustrated and paranoid minorities. Moreover, the show is in fact overrated. I saw a cell phone quality recording of it and did not find it appealing.  It was redundant, corny and historically inaccurate.  Ironically, Miranda senior claims I could learn from it despite historians and even his own son stating there are inaccuracies. A Google search on this will produce many articles and videos.

Luis Miranda must learn to be mature and handle criticism, not respond like a rabid dog to tweets. This only shows his insecurity and overprotection of his son.  In America, we have freedom of speech and expression.  I exercised mine, not to offend him or his son, but to criticize the cast of his son's show and the show itself.  There is nothing wrong with this.  I will repeat again that his actions are a disgrace to Puerto Ricans worldwide, many of them who grow up on strong values of respect and tolerance. No genuine Puerto Rican from the island would target someone like Hamilton's cast did to Mike Pence.  Moreover, no genuine Puerto Rican from the island would celebrate such bullying.

Shame on Luis and Lin-Manuel for their celebration of harassment.  Guests to Lin-Manuel's show attend there to watch the show, not be targeted by paranoid minorities slanted by political views.  I used to follow Lin-Manuel on Twitter but unfollowed him after his puerile monolog on Saturday Night Live. In light of this, I am sort of happy Trump won which made Lin-Manuel look like an idiot, or like Puerto Ricans colloquially say, a "zangano." His childishness on the show and little celebratory dance made him look ridiculous.  Boricuas are usually humble by nature. He came across as obnoxious and arrogant.  It seems the apple does not fall far from the tree, so to speak. His own father, Luis Miranda has demonstrated himself to be ridiculous, irascible and as Puerto Ricans say in the Bronx, a "come mierda."

I can proudly say, Boycott Hamilton!


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