Friday, September 30, 2016

Child Prodigy age 9 wants to be Astrophysicist to Prove God Exists

William Maillis is just 9 years old. Kids his age usually love playing sports, video games or apps. However, Maillis is now a college student.  He stems from Penn Township, Pennsylvania and is one of the youngest people to enter college.  His father is a Greek Orthodox priest named Peter Maillis.  Priests in the Orthodox Church are allowed to marry. Young William Maillis when a toddler was already capable of reading, writing, algebra, geometry and trigonometry.  These are subjects that often stressed adults. However, for William, they were a breeze to master.

William wants to go on to earn a doctorate in astrophysics. He wishes to present his theories on black holes, space-time, and gravity.  However, his most important desire is to prove God exists.  He says, "I want to prove to everybody that God does exist, by showing that only an outside force could be capable of forming the cosmos."

Young William is very smart indeed. At such an early age, he is convinced that God exists.  Despite the claims from atheists that science disproves God, William sees the opposite. He sees that nothing in science conflicts with the idea of a God creating the universe. It was science that led me to God, so I can relate to William. I too entered college early thanks to God's gift of allowing my brain to do slightly a bit better than the "normal" brain. Ironically, William had difficulty entering kindergarten due to his response to simply questions such as, "Is gray a color?" He understood it as a shade, not a color. I recall dealing with the same judgments as a kid and even as an adult now. I sometimes do not get the simplest of things, such as a simple joke!  I remember as a kid, my cousins used to asked me "what's up" and I answered "the sky." I did not understand the colloquialism behind the phrase.  It can be a curse sometimes, but God creates each of us differently. My brain, just like William's, processes this world via reason and mathematics instead of emotion, as is the case with most people. In any event, this does not make anyone better than anyone else. Each one of us has our gifts.  I hope to read some of William's works and theories. Hopefully, I can have him on Sacerdotus Radio or Sacerdotus Hangouts.


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