Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Boston Bishops

Please spread the word.  

We have two new bishops in the archdiocese of Boston, which is headed by Cardinal Sean O'Malley. In June, our Holy Father, Pope Francis named Reverend Mark O'Connell, JCD and Reverend Robert P. Reed as auxiliary bishops.  

Their ordination to the episcopacy will be on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 1:30 PM ET at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, Massachussetts. 

Please come out and support our new bishops at the cathedral or by watching on television or livestream via CatholicTV.  

Here is more information:


CatholicTV to Broadcast LIVE Ordination Mass for New Bishops, Mark O’Connell and Robert P. Reed 
WATERTOWN, MASS. (August 16, 2016) – On August 24 beginning at 1:30pm ET, the CatholicTV Network will provide live coverage of the Episcopal Ordination Mass for Bishops-elect Mark O’Connell, JCD and Robert P. Reed from the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. 
Bishops-elect O’Connell and Reed were named Auxiliary Bishops of Boston by Pope Francis in June. They join four other Auxiliary Bishops in assisting Boston’s Cardinal Seán O’Malley. Currently, Bishop-elect O’Connell serves as Judicial Vicar of the Archdiocese of Boston and is on the faculty at Saint John Seminary and Pope St. John XXIII Seminary. Bishop-elect Reed serves as the CEO of iCatholic Media, Inc., President of the CatholicTV Network, and the Archdiocese of Boston’s Cabinet Secretary for Catholic Media. 
Cardinal Seán O’Malley will be the principal consecrator for the Mass, with the assistance of two bishops who will serve as co-consecrators. Several clergy will also be present for the Mass. The Ordination will be held on the feast day of Saint Bartholomew, one of the Twelve Apostles. The bishops-elect eagerly anticipate their new role as servants in the Church. To reflect their ministries, Bishop-elect O’Connell has chosen the motto, “Invenimus Messiam,” or “We have found the Messiah,” and Bishop-elect Reed has chosen “Iesus sola nobis spes,” or “Jesus is our only hope.” As the archdiocese prepares for the Ordination, Cardinal O’Malley asks the Catholics of Boston to “join in prayer for their ministry, that the Lord will give them strength and wisdom to be wise and holy shepherds of Christ’s Church.” 
The liturgical procession will begin at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross at 1:30pm. The Mass of Ordination will begin at 2:00pm. Attendance at the Mass is by invitation only, but it will be broadcast live on CatholicTV beginning at 1:30pm and will be rebroadcast at 8pm. Introductory commentary will be provided by Rocco Palmo and Jay Fadden, and Ordination commentary will be provided by Father Tom Macdonald. Coverage will be available on CatholicTV’s cable channels, on CatholicTVLIVE.com, and on CatholicTV’s Apple TV, Roku, and mobile applications. The Mass will also be available for on-demand viewing. Additional information about the Ordination is available at Ordination2016.com
About the CatholicTV Network: The CatholicTV Network is a national cable television network also streaming a live feed 24 hours a day at CatholicTVLIVE.com. The CatholicTV Network represents a cable TV station available in more than 14 million homes, an interactive website with television-like live streaming and video-on-demand, mobile apps, and a monthly printed and digital magazine.

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