Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Google Censoring Religious Speech

Dear friends, I am once again being targeted for my religious speech, first, it was Twitter in 2013, then Facebook in 2015 and now Google Plus.

On Sunday night, as I was approving some comments that fell into the spam catch in one of my Google Plus communities and was also adding a "nickname," I then moved on to read some comments and replied to one.  When I tried to reply to a Protestant pastor, I got the message that my post cannot be posted.  I found that odd.  I figured it was the G+ app that was buggy.  When I logged on the PC, I got the message that my account was locked.  I was confused.  So I went to the email associated with the account and saw that google sent me an email claiming that I was posting commercial content which is not true.

I replied to them stating that trolls pretending to be atheists had vowed to falsely report me and that I did nothing wrong  In the reply, I included screenshots as proof which is right above.  Later on, I got an email stating that there was a problem with the name I provided.  The email asked me to either update my name or provide information on it.  I replied with information on my pen name "Sacerdotus" and explained why I use it.  Expecting all to be resolved, I checked again and no reply.  I emailed a few more times, a nothing.

Next, I decided to file an appeal using the link Google provides and received an email stating that I was in violation of their policies and had to remove "offending content."

As you can see in the video below, my content is religious with a few reshares from Science organizations.  In fact, my last "offending content" posted was me praying the Liturgy of the Hours and my reflection for the readings on the 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time.  Clearly, Google has a problem with religious speech.

I contacted the Catholic Lawyer's Guild but am hoping a lawyer who reads this post can contact me and help me pro bono.  I think Google needs to be sued for discrimination against Catholics/Religious accounts.  Also, it is not fair that they have an issue with my pen name "Sacerdotus," but do not take action against troll accounts using names such as, "Bacon Pope," or "Ellif D. Wulfe" which are not real names.

Moreover, Google has ignored my complaints about abusive trolls who impersonate me, harass me on a daily basis and threaten me.  It looks as if Google lacks a moral compass and see this as acceptable while classifying prayer and religious reflections on Mass readings as "offending content" triggering suspension  Now, my account says that it is suspended.  Here is the video I captured using Windows' 10 screen recording tool for Xbox.

As you can see, I show my profile and the content I post  It is religious in nature with a few reshares of science related articles.  I then show my activity log on Google Plus. As you can see there, my posts are not abusive nor offensive.  They are religious in nature.  Lastly, I show the emails I received and what I sent to them.   Watch the video and see for yourself that I am not making this up, nor exaggerating.  I am hoping people of all faiths will storm Google with protest just like conservatives did for @Nero (Milo). One of my Twitter friends is also getting Beitbart to cover this situation.  It is an affront to religious freedom and the Constitution.

Please contact Google to protest:

1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy,
Mountain View, CA 94043

Here are tweets showing how I have tried to reach out for help from Google employees and Google ignored.

UPDATE:  This is the message that comes out now.  They claim my name violates their policy, yet they keep "Annoying Orange," "American Scientist," etc up.  Clearly, they are discriminating.  Why does "Sacerdotus" violate their name policy and not the aforementioned or the many troll accounts out there using fake names?

UPDATE:  Google restored my profile on November 17, 2017. 

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