Monday, April 7, 2014

Book Review - Atheist to Catholic Stories of Conversion

The book, "Atheist to Catholic, Stories of Conversion" is edited by professor Rebecca Vitz Cherico who holds a B.A.and Ph.D in Spanish Literature.

The book is a collection of conversion stories of former atheists (Karen Edmisten, Jennifer Fulwiler, John C. Wright, Mattie Berhang, Paul Vitz, Ken Krabbenhoft, Mary Elizabeth, Johnathan Fields, Olga, an anonymous writer and popular atheist blogger the "Raving Atheist") who found God via Catholicism.

Each story is "down to earth" and is told in the first person. They each share details of their previous atheist lives and how atheism lead them to belief in God and conversion to Catholicism. The book is relatively short, 115 pages and can be read in an hour or so. Each story is inspiring and speaks to the heart and mind. The former atheists come from all different walks of life: student, professor, blogger etc.

The title caught my eye where I buy books at since I used to be an atheist myself. This book is easy to read and is not dogmatic, theological or philosophical.  It reads like being in a retreat where each person comes up to share his/her conversion story. Anyone can read this book and atheists in particular should consider picking up a copy to read for themselves.  I am confident that they will find links with the stories and their own lives.

One of the stories that caught my eye was of the "Raving Atheist" who like Twitter or blog atheists, was very zealous about "destroying" God and faith via his popular blog Like anonymous blogger "Rosa Rubicondior," he wrote posts attacking religion and faith as being irrational while attempting to correlate science with atheism.  Ironically, this lead him to God and Catholicism.

I recommend this book to Catholics who want to learn more about where atheists stand and how God can bring them home. Moreover, I recommend it to atheists who are open minded and not afraid to read how people left atheism in pursuit of God and Catholicism.

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